Growth Mindset Resources for Parents

An abundance of information about growth mindsets is available across the Internet and through various other media. Included in the following links are interesting and well-written articles by parents, as well as various resources collected across social media platforms. Many great resources can also be found on Facebook and Pinterest. There are also some e-learning modules and podcasts designed to inform parents, and sometimes children, about the idea of a growth mindset. Check out the following list of the best resources for parents to learn about growth mindsets, updated regularly by our team at South County Child and Family Consultants.  


Growth Mindset – Introduction Describes how parents can best promote a growth mindset and how to handle many situations where children may be exhibiting a fixed mindset.

Growth Mindset Means More Than Just Praising Kids For Trying: Explains the topic of growth mindsets and provides applications for both school and everyday life.

Five Parenting Strategies to Develop a Growth Mindset: Describes for parents the various ways they could help to motivate a child to develop a growth mindset.

For Noncognitive Skill Development, Start with Growth Mindset: Provides an in-depth description of how teachers might foster a growth mindset in their students. Contains great tips for parents to use, as well, and explains  how a growth mindset is beneficial for students.

How to Teach Kids About the Power of a Growth Mindset: Provides specific phrases and lessons to help parents promote a growth mindset in their children.  


Why Talking About the Brain Can Empower Learners: Website for adults that provides information about the brain, learning, and growth mindsets. Includes video with Carol Dweck.

Stanford University PERTS program guide to Growth Mindsets: Contains videos and many articles to help parents, teachers, and kids recognize the importance of growth mindsets.

The Importance of Developing a Growth Mindset: Detailed podcast that highlights the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset, as well as how parents can help their children to develop a growth mindset.  


Grit and Growth Mindsets: Useful resource for parents and teachers to help them instill growth mindsets in their children and students.

Growth Mindset by Shannon Long: Great resource to help adults instill resilience and growth in children, including quotes and a variety of tools. Videos on Growth Mindset by Mary Kreiger: Videos and other resources about grit and growth mindsets for adults interested in helping children to achieve.

Growth Mindset and Ted Talks by Ginny Ellis: References many TED Talks and has short videos of TED Talks, among other resources, for teenagers and adults looking to know more about growth mindsets.

Growth Mindset Activities and Lessons by Same Wahl: Details useful activities in and out of the classroom for parents and teachers to develop growth mindsets in children.    


Carol Dweck Mindsets Podcast: Provides information on Carol Dweck’s research and the fundamentals of a growth mindset, along with a link to her book and podcast.

Facebook – Mindset Works: Dedicated to the Mindset Works website, with excellent posts for parents and teens containing articles and interesting videos.

Facebook – Brainology: Contains information about the Mindset Works product, Brainology. Great resources for teachers or students looking to learn more about this growth mindset program.