Resources For Parents for Academic and Study Skills

While many great study tips can be taught in the classroom, there are many others which must be developed outside of it. Often the biggest problem with a student’s dislike of studying is the strategies they are using. Changing a student’s study methods can drastically improve their enjoyment of and ability to learn. In order to do this, it is helpful for parents to know what they can do to improve their child’s academic study skills. Here are some of the best resources to help parents learn about study skills and how to improve them. Check back regularly for updated links!



Academic Ideas for Kids -Erin Zinke shares some creative ideas for academics, note taking. math games, and study schedules. For Parents and Teachers.


Academic Activities for Kids -Over 500 different academic activities to do with your child of all different ages. For Parents.


Numbers to Letters -Katalin Butt-Bethlendy creates a board with a variety of research proven data and correlates it to academic and study skills. For Parents.


Children’s Literacy Skills -Barbara Card provides numerous resources for improving children’s’ literacy skills. For Parents and Teachers.


Kids Study Skills -Creative ideas to help your child or student study more effectively and creatively. For Parents and Teachers.



Study Skill Strategies A useful module that helps the viewer understand why some students struggle with academic tasks, the differences in how high achievers and low achievers learn information and students with learning difficulties often need to be explicitly taught study skills strategies. For Parents and Teachers.



Mental Focus How to boost academic performance by mental focus for students and adult learners. For Parents/Teachers.



10 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed -KidsHealth provides ten different ways that parents can have influence over their children’s success in school. Mainly by being involved, the tips are simply straight forward and show that being apart of your child’s learning journey is the ultimate factor. For Parents.


Successful Homework/Studying Tips -LD Online provides a handout/article that provides insight on how to make learning a positive experience. The handout teaches how studying and doing homework can be rewarding and improve learning skills. For Parents and Teachers.


7 Tips to Improve Homework and Study Skills -Amanda Morin provides 7 tips to parents that help prioritize homework and improve studying for their kids. With organization in mind, Morin shows parents how to construct a setting where homework and studying can be fun. For Parents.


The Best and Worst Ways to Study -Stephanie Jules provides a useful guide for the different types of learners (visual, read/write, auditory and kinesthetic). She gives insights on the dos and don’ts of studying effectively and with this guide parents can help their kids figure out their learning style. For Parents.



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