Resources for Kids on Time Management

Understanding good time management habits, and forming them on their own, can be difficult for kids to do. The way kids and teens learn today has changed dramatically, with many young people turning to the Internet to learn about various topics. This makes websites one of the best platforms for them to learn about time management skills. Of course, some websites are better than others, which is why we’ve put together a list of some of the best resources for kids. Take a look at the links below, and make sure to share them with your kids. Don’t forget to check back frequently for updated links.



Time Management for Kids -This board by Melissa Steenwyk offers several different ideas for managing time for daily, weekly, even monthly routines. For Teens/Tweens.

Life Skills for Kids -A board that is fun and creative and offers different unique ways to teach the important task of time management. For Kids.



Journal Page -Created by PBS is a printable journal page for time management that targets area where time is spent and helps shift some of that time to more needed or desired tasks. For Kids.

From Kids to Parents -This discussion sheet allows kids to have an easy conversation with their parents about time management. For Kids/Teens/Tweens.



Have To’s vs Want-To’s -Everything in life involves time and this list gives a brief overview of what we need to do like taking care of ourselves, and what we want to do like hang out with friends. By setting some short and long term goals one can put have-to’s and want-to’s together! For Kids.

What is Time Management? -An article by LearningWorks For Kids explains what time management is and how video games help improve time management skills. For Kids.



The Science of Procrastination -A video about procrastination and how to effectively manage it before it happens. For Tweens and Teens.

Puzzle Games : A video that talks about the usefulness of puzzle games that could be related to skills that could include math, planning, flexibility, focus and time management. For Tweens and Teens.



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