The Best Websites on Mindfulness, Meditation, Relaxation, and Yoga For Parents of Stressed-out Kids


Using These Websites to Calm Down and Take a Breather

Finding the best websites for parents to learn about stress-relief practices for their kids can be challenging. It is important for parents to have reliable information on topics such as meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, and yoga so that they may use these resources to help their kids. Check out the following list of the best websites for parents, updated regularly by our team at South County Child and Family Consultants. These websites include relaxation habits, yoga sequences, meditation tips, and more.



Mindfulness: Resources for Parents – This website lists and briefly explains multiple useful books about mindful parenting. For adults.

Mindfulness for Parents Course – A website that offers courses to help adults integrate mindfulness into their parenting. This program is taught by certified professionals in Mindfulness training. For adults.  

4 Breathing Exercises for Beginners – Easy breathing exercises for beginners. Very detailed but still simple enough to follow. For teens and adults.

Daily Dose of Meditation for ADHD? – A first-person article about meditation and ADHD. For adults.



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