Apps and Articles to Teach Your Child to Keep Track of Time

Kids who lose track of time need constant reminders. Most parents aren’t available 24/7, nor do they want to be bugging their kids. The good news is that there are many cool apps and tools that teach your child to keep track of time.

Complementing basic time management strategies with the use of apps, websites, and other technologies often leads to the best solutions to improving a child’s ability to keep track of time. Look at LearningWorks for Kids TIme Management apps section to help. Below you will find some of our favorite apps and a few informative articles to learn how to to keep track of time.


Timer+ is a simple yet effective app for creating timed tasks and staying focused while completing household duties or class assignments. Kids can create, label and reuse timers for anything – from completing homework to doing chores or practicing a musical instrument — and its simple design makes it very easy to use. 

Wunderlist is user-friendly for kids and adults. It really helps you to keep track of what you need to do and get reminders. a free website and mobile app for managing tasks and creating lists. Users create tasks, can describe them in more detail in a “Notes” section, then set a due date and reminder to keep them on track and avoid procrastination. Wunderlist’s neat and uncluttered interface makes it very easy to use for any age group, but its functionality is most applicable for ages 8 and up.

Choiceworks is one of the best apps for establishing visual schedules. This is helpful for transitioning students and children through tasks and routines, like getting ready in the morning. 

Choiceworks provides images to choose from and users can also input their own.

If you’d like to learn about some additional tools and strategies to help with keeping track of time check out our other posts and activities on time management. Better yet, sign your child up for one of our time management classes through LW4KLIVE.

Here are other articles and websites that can help children with poor time-management skills:

11 Easy Tips to Teach Your Kids Time Management Skills By Apryl Duncan: Teaching kids time management skills is not an easy feat. With such hectic lives, parents often are unable to set a good example for their children. This article outlines some tips and tricks to start getting your kiddos to manage their time more effectively. 

Simple Strategies to Teach Kids Time Management By Marianne: Trying to teach time management skills to teens and older adolescents can be time-consuming and exhausting in itself. But thinking about trying to teach these same skills to younger kids seems quite impossible. Marianne has strategies for specifically teaching this younger crowd. 

The instant guide to time management for kids By Leslie Crawford: Stating that practice exercises are most beneficial to our little ones, this article is your instant guide to time management for kids. 

6 Easy Ways To Teach Kids Time Management Skills By Amrita Minocha: A fun way to teach time management skills can be through specialized activities. This article lets us in on some effective yet fun activities to strengthen your child’s time management skills while having a bit of fun!

Time Management Skills for Kids By Susan Merrill: With a very different take on time management, this article helps you get to the source of time management issues and help them to realize these issues on their own. They include strategies on how to do this along with tips for moving forward helping your child.