Videos on Exercise

Many children have figured out that one of the best ways for them to learn about their world is by watching videos. Going to YouTube or other video channels can be incredibly informative if you want to learn about fixing something in your house, get the most out of your new cell phone, or learn new and exciting ways to exercise, as well as how the benefits of exercise can affect you. Parents can watch and exercise along with their kids or simply get information on the importance of exercise.

Our team of neuropsychologists, school psychologists, and psychology students at South County Child and Family Consultants are committed to searching the Internet and beyond to find reputable, informative, and practical tools to help parents, children, and teens improve your child’s exercise habits. We look for the best information online to help kids diagnosed with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, executive-functioning difficulties, struggles with Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills, autism, depression, and anxiety and provide you with information about how neuropsychological evaluations help in targeting concerns regarding your child’s exercise habits, or lack thereof. Come back regularly, as the links are updated frequently.

For Parents

Exercise Makes Kids Smarter  
A video on how exercise can be beneficial for learning in kids! Recommended for adults. 

Brain & Physical Exercise   
A video on how physical education and exercise can help with not only the body but the mind as well. Recommended for adults. 

Encouraging Exercise and Healthy Habits in Kids
Lily Koi provides some helpful tips on how to establish exercise and general health habits in your children. Recommended for adults. 

Fitness for Kids     
This TV segment explains and demonstrates different ways that we can get our kids up and moving. Recommended for adults. 

Exercise for Children: Factual Reasons and Tips to Get Moving   
It is important to know the best ways to get our children moving and the role exercise plays such a huge part in their development. Recommended for adults. 

For Kids

Benefits of Exercising  
A video that provides a brief overview on why exercise is both beneficial for the mind and body. Recommended for all ages. 

Essential Physical Fitness    
A video that describes the benefits of exercise for teens by comparing a typical teen who does exercise, to a typical teen who does not exercise. Recommended for all ages. 

This is Your Brain on Exercise    
A video on how exercise can improve depressive symptoms by increasing the levels of brain chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins that positively regulate mood and improve state of mind. Also, it includes tips on getting started, and getting exercise in everyday activities. Recommended for all ages. 

It’s Workout Time         
It’s Workout Time is a video to get your little kiddos moving. Geared for young children this video uses animation and directional songs to promote a quick and easy, any time of the day, movement. Recommended for all ages.