Online Help to Improve Your Child’s Organization

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many parents of children with ADHD or autism to change their everyday routines. While our lives might seem a little more chaotic than “put together” at the moment, this could be a great time to help your children cultivate their own organizational skills! 

Online learning has taken root during quarantine, and with that come many assignments that students might overlook or miss. Without proper organizational skills, gathering all of their online coursework in one easy-to-find place might seem like an impossible task to your child. By teaching your kids how to organize their school work now, they will be better equipped for organizing their work in the future.

 If your child struggles with organization, remembering homework or assignments, or easily forgets materials necessary for testing, we believe he or she would benefit from our LearningWorks LIVE program. To prepare for this, we recommend that you read some articles on how to improve your child’s organization: 

“Improving a Child’s Organizational Skills” by Child Mind Institute: this targets children with psychological or learning disabilities and how to help with their specific needs regarding organization.

“Teaching Child Organizational Skills” by this resource provides some great tips and tricks on how to best help kids with organizational struggles succeed in school and their everyday lives.

“What are Organizational Skills?” by LearningWorks for Kids: Many parents know why organization is important, but few know the neurological benefits to stay organized. This article explains this concept further, as well as lists ways kids can develop their own skills.