4 Extremely Helpful Podcast Episodes About Executive Functions For Parents

One of the best ways to improve executive functioning skills in your child is to learn what other parents and experts are suggesting. For busy parents, sitting down to read a book, such as Dr. Kulman’s Playing Smarter in a Digital World, may require too much time and attention. However, listening to a podcast while driving the kids back and forth to practice or going to work every day may be a great fit. Given the proliferation of podcasts over the past 5 years, there are experts, parents, and educators sharing their knowledge on a variety of topics. On the issue of executive functions, there are many ongoing and stand-alone podcasts that we can recommend. Some of these focus on a particular executive function skill such as self-awareness, organization, time management, planning, flexibility, working memory, and focus. Others tend to discuss the broader set of skills.

Our teams at South County Child and Family Consultants and lw4k.com are always on the lookout for the newest information to help kids with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, and Executive Functioning difficulties. Podcasts on executive functions are one of the more accessible tools that we have found. In our offices, we provide comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations of children, teens, and college students. Beyond the confines of the office, we are well informed of the latest research and technologies that can help kids with social-emotional, attention, and learning problems. Check out our other posts to learn more about the latest innovations to help children grow.

4 Extremely Helpful Podcast Episodes About Executive Functions For Parents

Joyce Cooper-Kahn, Ph.D., is a clinical child psychologist who shares her insight with parents; specifically, parents with children struggling with executive functioning weaknesses and ADHD. This episode presents the connections between ADHD and executive functioning, and she shares many strategies and interventions. While ADHD is discussed, this podcast is not limited to parents of children with ADHD and still provides a wealth of information. 

This podcast episode focuses on the executive functions of time management and organization. Nicholas Thompson, a psychotherapist with an LCSW, provides great advice to parents regarding the steps they can and should be taking to help their child develop executive functioning skills, including self-efficacy. 

This podcast episode is by Denaye, the founder of an online community for parents called Simple Families, a mom, and a Dr. of Child Development. She is joined by Dr. Mark Bertin, a developmental pediatrician, executive functioning expert, and father. This is a great episode that describes what is normal behavior and what behaviors may signify executive dysfunction, and how parents can help their children not only from a professional’s perspective but from a parent’s perspective as well. 

This episode of the TILT Parenting podcast features Seth Perler, a former teacher that has turned into an Executive Function and Education Coach. In this episode, Seth speaks about what executive functions are, the connection between executive functions and emotional regulation, and how parents can help guide their children.