The Best ADHD Videos

By Dr. Randy Kulman on Thursday, January 14, 2016
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adhd-kidsMany kids have figured out that one of the best ways for them to learn about their world is by watching videos. Going to YouTube or other video channels can be incredibly informative if you want to learn about how to fix something in your house, get the most out of your new cell phone, or to learn about ADHD.  While there is a wealth of information available, there are also many videos that are not worth watching and may in fact be detrimental to understanding ADHD. Check out the following list of the best ADHD videos, updated regularly by our team at South County Child and Family Consultants.  Pay careful attention to which videos are designed for kids and which are designed for adults.

Tweens and Teens

Flynn Pharma ADHD Explainer: A video that is meant to educate children on what ADHD is and the various symptoms of the disorder. For tweens and teens.

I have ADHD and I AM…: A video that showcases children and adults explaining who they really are with ADHD. For tweens, teens and adults.

Harlem Shake with my ADHD Support Group: A video on an ADHD themed harlem shake video. For tweens and teens.

March of the ADHD Penguins: A video about comedic penguins relating to ADHD. For tweens and teens.

ADHD: Setting The Record Straight: A video that discusses various topics relating to ADHD. For tweens and teens.

ADHD and Me – Captioned: An animated video that explains how it is like to have ADHD and  the various topic or interaction relating to it. For tweens and teens.


Teens and Adults

Let Me Be Your Camera – Understanding ADHD: A video that provides a detailed explanation about ADHD and the executive functions associated with it. For teens.

What Is ADHD?: A short video that describes what ADHD is. For teens and adults.

Brad’s Story: A video that stars a 12 year old boy named Brad and describes what it is like to have ADHD. For teens and Adults.

ADHD As A Difference In Cognition: A lengthy video that describes adhd as a different type of cognition. For teens.

Overcoming ADHD and Learning Disabilities: A video about a family explaining their progress with overcoming ADHD and other learning disabilities. For teens and adults.

ADHD As A Difference In Cognition, Not A Disorder: A video with Stephen Tonti explaining his experiences with ADHD. For teens and adults.

Parenting Children with ADHD/ADD: An animated video about parenting a child with ADHD. For teens and adults.

Jack and Jill Have ADHD: An animated short about Jack and Jill with ADHD. For kids, tweens and teens.

One Cheetah’s Fight Against ADHD: A video that describes ADHD in the perspective of a humorous cheetah. For teens.

How to Recognize ADHD Symptoms in Children: A video that provides information on how to recognize ADHD in children.  For teens and adults.

Thomas Brown Ph. D. discusses “what is ADHD?”: Short video that describes the causes of ADHD. For parents and teens with an interest in the science of ADHD.



Executive Functioning: A video that talks about how ADHD is a disorder of executive functions. For adults.

Executive Function Skills: A video about deficits in executive functions and how to effect use different skills and strategies. For adults.

ADHD and Executive Function – Dr. Russell Barkley: A short video with Dr. Barkley that provides information about ADHD and Executive Functions. For adults.  

What We Do – Video Game Neurofeedback ADD ADHD: A video on how video games can improve various skills in children with ADD or ADHD . For adults.

Video Games and ADHD: A video on how video games can be helpful in helping individuals diagnosed with mental health disorders focus or improve skills that may be lacking. For adults.


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