Executive Functioning Technology Assessments

9608814228_9c9e2f953f_zWhat is an Executive Functioning Technology Assessment?

This type of specialized assessment  focuses on identifying executive-functioning strengths and weakness, combining a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation with specific measures of academic, technological, and learning capacities. There are six major components of an Executive Functioning Technology Assessment:

  • A traditional neuropsychological evaluation including cognitive and  neuropsychological measures
  • A comprehensive evaluation of executive-functioning skills
  • An  educational evaluation that focuses on how executive-functioning skills such as working memory, processing speed,and organization impact school performance
  • A technology assessment that evaluates a child’s needs and expertise with technology and how best to apply his technological skills to executive-functioning difficulties
  • A follow-up appointment with parents and child using an electronic test report that combines traditional strategies to address a child’s needs and digital tools to access technologies, websites, videos, and other tools to help the child
  • Two-follow up training sessions using LearningWorks for Kids proprietary tools to teach the child how to use technologies and other strategies to improve executive functions

Basic facts for Executive Functioning Technology Assessment:

Age range: Fourth grade through collegeimg-attention21

Time requirements:         

  • Three assessment sessions of two to three hours apiece
  • Feedback session for parents and kids
  • Two executive-function tech training sessions for kids

Who is it for:

  • Children and teens with executive-functioning concerns
  • Children and teens who are not reaching their potential
  • Children and teens who are inconsistent in their performance at home and school
  • Children and teens who love technology but dislike school
  • Children and teens who might benefit from a 504 plan, classroom accommodations, or opportunities to use technologies in the classroom

What make this different from a typical Neuropsychological Evaluation?

  • A more specific focus on executive-functioning skills
  • Academic testing that relates to executive skills
  • Technology assessment to determine how best to use tech tools
  • Comprehensive feedback session using electronic reports with links, videos, and ebooks
  • Two post-testing training sessions that teach children and teens how to use apps and other technological tools tools to support and practice executive skills


  • $2750 (This fee does not include the initial intake session to determine if this type of evaluation is appropriate for your child or the feedback session.) Most major health insurance companies pay for the initial intake session, neuropsychological testing, and a review session to discuss the test results. Health insurance companies do not pay for educational testing, technology assessments, and executive-function tech training sessions.)

Why consider an Executive Functioning Technology Assessment?

parts of brainA common concern of 21st century parents is a capable child who is struggling with school and becoming discouraged with learning. Parents often identify kids who “don’t seem to be reaching their potential” or “can’t put all the pieces together.” Many of these youngsters have difficulty with remembering to do their homework, managing their time, completing schoolwork, and keeping organized. These difficulties have an enormous impact on school performance and psychological adjustment and are often due to problems with executive functions.

Difficulty with executive functions can be subtle and does not always suggest an underlying disorder such as ADHD or a learning disability. Children and teens with executive- functioning difficulties need support and direction from their parents and teachers to stay on top of their schoolwork and other responsibilities. They can also improve executive- functioning skills by mastering the use of popular technologies such as  personal organizers, tools for dictation, and study-skills apps. Executive Functioning Technology Assessments identify the best tools to help a child and then train him in how to use these technologies to support and improve executive skills.

Why are we experts with Executive Functioning Technology Assessments?

In addition to Dr. Randy Kulman’s training  and experience with traditional neuropsychological evaluations, he has a distinct interest in executive functions. Dr. Randy Kulman  is the author of Train Your Brain for Success: A Teenager’s Guide to Executive Functions, a book for teens to help them develop their own strategies to improve skills such as planning, working memory, and organization. South County Child and Family Consultants has also developed proprietary assessment tools (Executive Skills Questionnaires) that help parents, teachers and children in the assessment of executive-functioning skills.

Dr. Randy Kulman is also the founder of LearningWorks for Kids, an educational technology website for parents, educators, and kids about using popular video games and apps to improve executive-functioning skills. He is also one the the leading experts on using video games and apps to improve executive functions. Our team responsible for developing  the most comprehensive website on technologies to improve executive functions also provides direct post-assessment training to students who participate in an Executive Functioning Technology Assessment.

What makes Executive Functioning Technology Assessments unique?

There are many innovative components of our Executive Functioning Technology Assessments:girl_parents_training-325x227

  • The technology assessment: an evaluation of a child’s use and skills with technologies for writing, reading, organization, stress management, and time management
  • Test reports provided to patients and referral sources in electronic form. Parents who want more detail about all aspects of the the evaluation can click on hundreds of links within the test report that describe the tests administered, the meaning of test scores, and the rationale for using a particular test with a child. Many of the recommendations provide direct links to websites, videos, apps, and video games that can help to improve executive-functioning skills. Dozens of recommendations are presented specifically for tweens and teens to read and follow, many with links to more information, videos, and apps they can use to improve executive functions.
  • Follow-up technology training meetings with the child. Children participate in 2 45-minute sessions in our office or electronically via Skype or Google hangouts in which they receive training in the use of targeted games, apps, and technologies to improve areas of executive weakness and are given access to proprietary videos to help them master these technologies. Engaging homework is provided that directly practices using these technologies (through tools such as graphic organizers or dictation devices) to support and improve their executive skills.  Parents can be directly involved in these meetings or simply receive the curriculum that is being used with a child.

How do I set up an Executive Functioning Technology Assessment?

For a consultation, call our office at 401-789-1553 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Randy Kulman at 1058 Kingstown Rd. Wakefield, RI 02879 for more on Executive Functioning Technology Assessments.

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