Working Memory Resources for Parents

By Dr. Randy Kulman on Monday, February 22, 2016
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IntelegentWork (1)A child’s working memory is one of the most important skills that can impact his learning. Many studies suggest that working memory is more important for academic success than IQ. However, it can be hard to find useful information for learning about working memory and how to improve it. The Internet provides many working-memory resources for parents, including articles, Facebook pages, Pinterest pages, and more. Below is a selection of some of the best resources online. Check out some of the links, which are regularly updated by our team at South County Child and Family Consultants.  


11 Ways to Strengthen Memory in a Child With Special Needs: Describes ways that parents can help to improve their child’s memory.

Slide show on working memory: Ideas and strategies for understanding and improving working memory that can be used to educate kids about working memory.

10 Strategies to Enhance Students Memory: In-depth article about how students with memory problems learn differently and how classroom strategies can be used to help these students. Primarily for teachers, but can also be a great resource for parents.

What Are the Differences Between Long-Term, Short-Term, and Working Memory?: Complex, scholarly article that compares working  memory with short-term memory and may be of interest to some parents.

Improving Preschoolers Memory Skills Can Help Them Succeed At School: Details how early practice in improving working memory can help students throughout their education.  

Pinterest Boards

Working Memory: Great collection of articles and activities for parents to inform and improve working memory.

Working Memory: By Dr. Erica Warren: Collection of tips and articles to promote working memory.

Strengthening Working Memory (Teachers): Excellent resource for teachers and parents with activities designed to improve kids’ working memory

Working Memory: Vicky Stoffberg: In-depth sampling of various resources about working memory, particularly having to do with the brain.  


What is Working Memory?: Very general podcast explaining the basics of working memory.

Mind Wandering is Linked to your Working Memory: Podcast detailing the connection between how the mind wanders and working memory.

ADHD and Working Memory: Podcast on how to improve working memory in those with ADHD and how this can improve their day-to-day functioning.  

Facebook Pages

Working Memory and Dyslexia: A page with various informative videos, particularly the one that is linked, which describes how working memory can affect a student with dyslexia.

Understood: In-depth Facebook page with various articles about learning and memory, with several great links to informative articles about working memory.

Teaching Resources – Working MemoryPage that supplies teachers with various resources to promote student learning, including many articles and activities for improving working memory. Great for parents, as well.

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