Resources on Exercise, Learning, and Mental Health For Kids and Teens

By Dr. Randy Kulman on Friday, February 26, 2016
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MyFitnessPal: A website that you can make a free account for, and then it tracks your calories and the amount of time you spend doing physical activity every day. You can use it as an “exercise calendar”. For teens.Organized_Backpack-325x216

Lets Move.Gov: A website full of information for the whole family. Easy for kids to get information from this. Detailed descriptions of ways to exercise, eat healthy, and keep the good habits. For kids. Fitness.Gov: A fitness website sponsored by the government, tips and ideas to get active every day. For kids and teens.

Kidnetic: A website that inspires kids to get moving, and to learn more about healthy diets and the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle. For kids.

How Exercise Boosts Your Brainpower: An article about exercise and the mental advantages that come from it. For teens.

Exercise-Stress And Anxiety: Shows how exercise has been proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety (as well as other mental illnesses). For teens.


Benefits of Exercising: A video that provides a brief overview on why exercise is both beneficial for the mind and body. For teens.

Essential Physical Fitness: A video that describes the benefits of exercise for teens by comparing a typical teen who does exercise, to a typical teen who does not exercise. For teens.

This is Your Brain on Exercise: A video on how exercise can improve depressive symptoms by increasing the levels of brain chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins that positively regulate mood and improve state of mind. Also, it includes tips on getting started, and getting exercise in everyday activities. For teens.

Fit Lit: How Movement Impacts Learning: A video about a combined language arts/fitness class and how it can boost the cognition of their students. For teens.  

Pinterest Boards

Psychological Benefits To Exercising: Pinterest board with a variety of articles, pictures, and tips that show the psychological benefits to exercising. For teens.

Teens Fitness Motivation: A health and fitness Pinterest board. Ideas for quick workouts to stimulate brain power and energy. For teens.

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