Videos for Parents and Teachers on Study Skills

By Dr. Randy Kulman on Wednesday, April 6, 2016
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New_KoolmanWatching a video about a subject is often much more rewarding and educational than reading about it. In addition, it can also be more fun! There are lots of videos out there that educate parents and children about learning good study skills, both inside and outside of the classroom. Because some videos are better than others, and surfing the Internet for good videos can be time consuming, we have collected some of the best videos here. These videos have been selected to help parents and educators become more aware of effective study skills.  Check out the links below, which are regularly updated by our team at South County Child and Family Consultants.


How Games Help TeachersThis video explains how games in education could be beneficial for teachers to effectively teach students. For teachers.

Gamifying EducationA video that explains the idea of using games for educational purposes in school. For parents and teachers.

Is Minecraft the Ultimate Educational ToolThis video describes how Minecraft can be used as an effective learning tool. For parents and teachers.

Why Students Hate HomeworkThis video explains how more traditional methods of learning are not effective and how video games can prove to help with learning. For parents.



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