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By Antonia Ciunci on Wednesday, February 28, 2018
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Effective study skills are crucial for learning and getting good grades. Many kids who struggle with school (who don’t like to study) are using strategies that often do not help them to learn. This, as can be expected, can be detrimental to their enjoyment of and ability to learn, both inside and outside the classroom. Online, there are some great resources to help children learn to improve their study habits, as well as their academic skills. Below are some of the best resources for kids on the Internet. Take a look at some of these resources, and show them to your kids. Check back regularly for updated links!



Study Skills and Note Taking For Teens -Helpful tools and ideas for teens on note taking and studying. For teens.


1st and 2nd Grade Learning Activities -Activities for first and second graders designed by leapfrog to help children develop academic and life skills through playing. For kids.


Toddler Learning ActivitiesActivities for toddlers to develop their academic and life skills, also created by leapfrog. For kids.


Pre-K Learning Activities -This board from leapfrog shows many different activities that are useful for enhancing academic and life skills. For kids.


Study Skills With Variety -Aysin Alp put together a board that encompanies many different study techniques and strategies for creating better study sessions. For tweens and teens.



25 Resources for Studying – A list of 25 resources that range in study tips to help students get better grades. For tweens and teens.


Resources to Further Your Education – Christian Tiplea offers several resources that are free and useful in furthering your education. From learning a new language to coding or even a motivational speech, Tiplea provides insight on the best tools for helping accomplish a goal. For all ages.


Tips For Middle and High School Students – Matthew Hadodo is a tutor and gives his insight on the best ways to study for middle and high school students. The post covers tutoring, learning styles and study skills. For tweens and teens.


Study Skills for Middle and High School Students – Kris Bales provides a useful resource to figuring out how students best study. She talks about Victus Study Skills and how the course sheds light on the different strengths students have and how they can utilize these when studying. For tweens and teens.


Creating Questions as a tool for learning – Interesting post by Annie Murphy Paul where students who create multiple choice questions for tests learn more. For teens and college students.


Testing Feedback as a tool for learning – How students can benefit more from the feedback from testing than the grades. For all ages.


The Best Homework Websites – South County provides the best websites for doing homework and categorizes them according to subjects. SCCFC also arranges the websites according to which ones are suitable for elementary students and which ones are more appropriate for middle schoolers. For all ages.


Helpful tips on writing papers and completing homework – Tips on writing a good paper, learning proper grammar, and creating flashcards to help teens do better in school. For teens.


Learning Good Study Habits – What the difference is between good and bad study habits and tips to make studying more effective and enjoyable. For tweens and teens.


How to Study Better with Working Memory – An informative post on how to study better by building working memory and also provides a few useful apps. For teens.


Science Based Study Methods -These 22 study tips are proven to be useful with the many different ways of the studying process. For teens.


How to Make a Study Plan for Exams -Midterms and Finals can be extremely stressful depending on the multitude and magnitude of the exams. Sarah shows an efficient way to creating an exam study plan and breakdown what needs to be studied piece by piece. For teens.


How to Study Flashcards Effectively – These tips are quick and to the point but are very useful in making the most out of a 3×5 piece of paper. For all ages.


4 Ways To Use a Syllabus Effectively – Planning and managing time is one of the ways to be productive as a student. These 4 tips show how using a syllabus can be extremely beneficial. For college students.


How To Read a Textbook Effectively – Understanding material can be quite time consuming but this article shows how to read a textbook efficiently. For all ages.


Study Tips For Teens – These study tips show the best study methods and provide insight on common mistakes when studying. For teens.


Straight A Student Habits – Jessica Booth gives a list of 20 habits which are key to helping students get straight A’s. With this in mind any student that has the organizational skills and effort can achieve their academic goals. For tweens, teens and college students.


10 Study Tips For College Students – Getting good grades becomes quite easy when studying is done right. These 10 tips are useful for becoming focused while studying and attaining information rather than just cramming the night before an exam. For college students.


Studying Tips For College Students – College is all about experiences but when it times come to studying some students are not fully prepared. These study tips will provide help with organization, maintaining classes, being prepared and successful. For college students.


Study skills: 5 Tips that can improve memory – Easy to follow tips for studying and memory, but comprehensive. For teens and college students.


How to Create a Study Schedule -Jenna Nordstrom shows step by step how to create an efficient study schedule as well as a unique time manager. People who create goals are more likely to follow through so Jenna shows how students can utilize all of their free time to accomplish things. For all ages.



Study Less, Study Smart -A brief summary of Dr. Marty Lobdell’s lecture on efficient ways to study. Short video with great useful content for studying. Thomas Frank’s youtube also provides other useful videos like how to get an A on Your Next Exam. For tweens and teens.


Study Tips With Animation for Kids – A video that provides useful study help tips using slideshows. For kids.


How to Study Effectively -A video on various study skills that relates to focus and time management. For all ages.


How Games Prepare You for Life – Education: 21st Century Skills -This videos provide reasoning for why games can help you prepare for life in the 21st Century. For teens and young adults.


4 “Study Tips” That Work -This video provides four simple but effective study tips that can improve study habits. For tweens and teens.  


9 Best Study Tips -asapScience gives a brief video of the 9 best scientific tips for studying for any exam or test. For tweens, teens and college students.


5 Tips to Get Better Grades – A video that provides 5 study tips with many visuals and animations. For tweens and teens.



Study Skill Courses – BYU Idaho offers several study skill videos that shows how to be a successful student. For all ages.



Overcoming Test Anxiety – This podcast talks about how to get better grades, study for exams and get rid of anxiety by targeting attention span and mental focus. For tweens, teens and college students.


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Study Techniques for Kids With ADHD -Studying is challenging for many students but and children with ADHD are faced with many challenges when studying. This article by Ann Dolin provides an overview of the best study techniques for students with ADHD.



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