Resources for Parents for Time Management

By Lily Lachapelle on Wednesday, February 28, 2018
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parents for time management

There is a wealth of information about improving time management on the Internet. However, finding reliable and interesting information is often difficult. It is also important that parents and educators are able to find practical solutions and strategies that actually help kids to improve their skills at time management. Some of the most useful information can be found in articles, social media, and podcasts. The following list of resources for helping parents to improve their children’s time management is updated regularly by our team at South County Child and Family Consultants.



Creating Structure by Time Management – Lauren Connors illustrates time management by managing schedules, routines, calendars, to-do lists and other life skills. For Parents/Teachers.

Time Management for Parents – Sometime parenting can be challenging, especially with all of the numerous duties and responsibilities. Chaos and Kiddos put together a board that focuses on time management tips for busy lifestyles. For Parents.

Teens and Time Management – A parent’s guide to teaching teens time management skills to succeed in school, work and life. For Parents/Teachers.

Managing Time – Tips on how to better manage time each day. For Parents.

Time Management for Busy Moms -This board offers several strategies for managing time, and balancing the different and many roles that life brings. For Parents.



Time Management Tips – These time management tips allow adults to help kids manage their time in a more productive and involved way. For Parents/Teachers.

Time Management for Elementary Students – Tips for parents on how to make elementary school children have effective time management skills. For Parents.

Simplify and Strategize – For busy parents involved with multiple roles, this simplify and strategize technique will help for time management. For Parents.

Teaching Kids Time Management – This article shows parents how to teach kids time management by understanding the different aspects of time. For Parents.



Teaching Kids Time Management -This is a 5 series podcast that gives insight on how to help kids manage time. For Parents.

Teens and Time Management -Leslie Josel, author of What’s The Deal With Teens and Time Management, created a podcast that shares tips and tools in helping parents teach their kids time management skills. For Parents.

Time is Money -This podcast is about maximizing time management and family scheduling. It also discusses the correlation between managing time and managing money. For Parents.



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