Resources for Parents for Task Initiation

By Lily Lachapelle on Wednesday, February 28, 2018
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There is a wealth of information about task initiation on the Internet. However, finding reliable information is often difficult to find. It is also important that parents and educators are able to find practical solutions and strategies that actually help kids to improve their skills at task initiation. Some of the most useful information can be found in articles, social media, and podcasts about this issue. The following list of the best resources for parents to learn about task initiation is updated regularly by our team at South County Child and Family Consultants.



Boardmaker Achieve -Michelle Thomas put together a board that focuses on task initiation, as well as other executive functions like time management, scheduling, and self-monitoring. For Parents/Teachers.

Beyond Procrastination -This video from Understood explains Task Initiation and why is it is an essential executive functioning skill. With expert knowledge, adults can gain insight on how task initiation affects children. For Parents/Teachers.

Understanding Task Initiation -Here at South County Child & Family Consultants we have put together a collection of resources and also an introduction to help people understand what exactly Task Initiation is. Parents and Teachers can look at the situations involving task iniation, hints and tips, as well as articles and books to see how they can improve task iniation in children. For Parents/Teachers.



Task Initiation and Executive Functions -A comprehensive article by Dr. Thomas Brown that shows how getting started efficiently on tasks reduces attention problems. For Parents.

Improving Task Initiation -Here at South County Child and Family Consultants we have created a list to help improve task initiation by using strategies, and games and activities.  For Parents.

Task Initiation for Children -Dr. Greg Stasi provides several ways to improve task initiation for all ages. From preschool children to adolescents, he offers options to start tasks effectively. For Parents.



Executive Functions 101 -Task Initiation is just one of the executive functions and this e-book from the National Center for Learning Disabilities goes into depth about what exactly executive functions are and also how to to improve them. For Parents.

Step by Step -This handout offers teachers and also parents the ability to teach task initiation. With numerous tips and strategies, this handout offers adults a collective tool for reducing procrastination for their kids. For Parents/Teachers.



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