Resources for Kids for Long Term Memory

By Lily Lachapelle on Saturday, June 23, 2018
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kids for long term memory

Improve Your Kids Long Term Memory with these Resources

Kids and teen who have problems with long term memory often have many questions as to what that means. Sometimes, the best way for children to learn about how long term memory works is to take advantage and explore what’s on the web. There are few reliable websites about long term memory for kids and teens, so we have provided some of the best down below. These sites are kid friendly and may also help adults understand it as well. Check out the links below, which are updated regularly by our team at South County Child and Family Consultants.



Memory Games: This website provides non-screen games that are fun and easy to play anywhere and anytime.

My Brain: A quick picture website kids can use to explore how their brains prioritize information that enters their long term memory.

Improve Long Term Memory Games: Fun to do games for all ages that work at improving your long term memory in a fun way.



Many people are visual learners, making it easier for them to watch to learn instance of reading to learn. Both for parents and children, videos can be a great way to learn more about how long term memory works. We have collected some of the best videos available, some designed for kids and some designed for adults. Be careful when selecting videos as some are geared toward kids and other for parents. Check out some excellent videos below about long term memory, updated regularly by our team at South County Child and Family Consultants.

How to Become a Memory Master: An informative lengthy video on how to train your brain and improve your working memory. For adults.

Steps to Long Term Memory: An informative video that explains the 4 steps involved in the formation of long term memory. For adults.

Exercise and Memory:– A video that discusses how exercise promotes the growth of dendrites that connect brain cells and improves memory. For teens.

Examples of Long Term Memory: A short video that takes a look at different types of memory involved in LTM. For teens.

Short Term vs. Long Term: A cartoon video providing an easy to follow example of how short term and long term memory works. For kids



While there are hundreds of articles you can read about a topic that have been around for years, in the most recent year’s, podcasts have become more popular. Podcasts are audio versions of an article that people can listen to in any setting. They are just as good as articles, sometimes better because they can involve experts in an area unknown to the host. Listed below are some podcasts we have listened to that gives good information about long term memory. Check out the links below, which are updated regularly by our team at South County Child and Family Consultants.

Memory and Forgetting By Radiolab: A podcast given by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich talking about how memories can be formed and what can prevent them from being formed.

Mastering Long Term Memory: Ron White, a 2x USA Memory Champion chats with host, Jonathan Levi, about power of learning strategies. Together, they answer the question of why training your memory is important.



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