Additional Resources for Kids on Meditation and Mindfulness

By Antonia Ciunci on Tuesday, July 3, 2018
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Meditation, Mindfulness, Relaxation, and Yoga

Mindfulness training is not only for adults. Kids benefit from it as well. It is very useful for kids who are anxious and increasingly being used for kids with attention and learning issues. The most important aspect of mindfulness training is practice. It is the practice of these skills that make it work. Check for updates to our links as these are regularly updated by our South County and LearningWorks for Kids team! 


Resources for Kids and Teenagers


13 Things Mindful People Do Every Day

This is an article that has 13 habits that mindful people tend to do on a daily basis. For teens and adults.

4 Breathing Exercises for Beginners

Easy breathing exercises for beginners. Very detailed but still very simple to follow. For teens and adults.

Mindfulness Activities for Children and Teens: 25 Fun Exercises for Kids

Easy and fun meditating exercises for kids and young teenagers. There are many to choose from so pick and choose what suits you best!

Meditation for Kids: 4 Ways to Starts Kids Meditating

Easy and fun ways for kids to start and get themselves used to practicing meditation and mindfulness. Also a great gateway for kids to practice relaxation, yoga, and other methods. 

58 Fun and Easy yoga Poses for Kids

A wide variety of fun and easy yoga poses for kids to try out.Pick and choose which ones you are most comfortable with!


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