Websites for Parents on Academic and Study Skills

By Emily DiPalma on Monday, September 30, 2019
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Effective study skills are crucial for learning and getting good grades. Many kids who struggle with school are using strategies that often do not help them learn. Methods such as underlining, re-reading, and cramming, as well as various other academic skills, produce very modest results in the classroom. There is substantial research on effective study skills that help both struggling learners and students who are at the top of their class.  The more you know as a parent, the better you can inform your child about effective study habits. 

Our team of neuropsychologists, school psychologists, and psychology students at South County Child and Family Consultants are committed to searching the Internet and beyond to find reputable, informative, and practical tools to help parents, children, and teens improve their study habits. We look for the best information online to help kids diagnosed with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Executive Functioning Difficulties, struggles with Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills, Autism, Depression, and Anxiety and provide you with information about how neuropsychological evaluations help in targeting concerns regarding study habits. Come back regularly, as the links are updated frequently.

Study Skills to Help Kids 
This resource is perfect for children who need help with reading comprehension, note-taking, test-taking, writing, and/or understanding math/science. Penn State has put together a website that can help them improve their study skills in these target areas.

Discover Education
This parent focused site offers several resources for parents to help their children excel in academic areas such as completing homework, studying, and learning.

The Internet Classroom
This site gives parents the tools needed to help promote their child’s learning. With many different activities and tools, this site will give you the ability to put your child’s academic future on the road to success.

How To Study 
Dr. Mangrum and Dr. Strichart have put together a website that offers numerous resources for improving study skills and strategies. Although kids can use the site as well, many of the resources are targeted for teachers and parents.

Academic Success Toolkit 
This website offers growth charts, tips, and videos that may help parents improve their child’s academic success.

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