New and Exciting Innovations to Help Kids with ADHD

By Isabella Simone on Wednesday, November 11, 2020
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Many new and exciting innovations are being studied and developed to help kids with ADHD. In part, this is due to a reformulated view of ADHD which views it as a disorder of executive functions. Therefore, treatments-including videogame-like technologies are being proposed to target specific executive functioning skills. As a result, many new treatments are not solely about reducing impulsivity or increasing focus. Instead, these treatments target skills such as working memory, time management, organization, planning, and persistence. 

Other emerging research describes the power of exercise for kids with ADHD. Vigorous physical exercise changes the brains of kids with ADHD and helps them in school and in social settings.  Sometimes even a little exercise can help in the middle of the day. Mindfulness is also becoming another go-to treatment for kids with ADHD. While it may be difficult for kids and adults with ADHD to sit long enough to benefit from meditation, there are some strategies that can make this form of treatment work.

Our team at South County Child and Family Consultants encourages parents to explore many of these new treatments for ADHD. We do, however, caution parents and teachers that these tools are meant to help, not “cure,” ADHD. The best “cure “ for kids with ADHD is to help them find those activities where their attention struggles are not present, and to find ways to make these activities productive, and connected to education and vocational goals. This is a worth-while goal, and one that can be achieved a little practice and persistence.

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