Videos for Teens and College Students About Slow Processing Speed

By Isabella Simone on Thursday, January 7, 2021
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Many teens and college students struggle to keep up with the pace of taking notes or finishing their homework on time. While often very capable and intelligent individuals, they may continually struggle to keep up and become easily stressed about these struggles. Some teens who are experiencing these difficulties may be exhibiting signs of slow processing speed in tasks such as taking notes, reading, or doing math problems. However, when given enough time – or the resources needed to succeed – these students can oftentimes achieve alongside their peers. 

Having slow processing speed is a little bit like being a slow runner. In a sprint, teenagers with slow processing speed can’t move fast enough to keep up with their peers though they may desire to keep up. In a long-distance run, it is not about pace, but more about endurance. Individuals who have slow processing speed AND who are willing to put in the hours it takes to do homework and complete other tasks, display the perseverance, drive, and grit to overcome slow processing speed. 

One way to learn more about the science, biology, and impact of slow processing speed is to watch videos from experts and from people who have lived with slow processing speed. Our team at South County Child and Family has rounded up a list of videos that we believe can help kids, parents, and teachers understand slow processing speed better and begin working to compensate for this difficulty. Learn more about slow processing speed with these videos.

Understanding Children with Learning and Behavioral Challenges 

A very informative and interesting video from expert Ellen Braaten that is great for helping parents and teachers understand how processing speed might affect children in the classroom. 

Webinar: Processing Speed and the Brain 

Produced by, this is an excellent but lengthy webinar to learn about many aspects of processing-speed issues

Processing Speed Demonstration 

What does it feel like to struggle with slow processing speed in the classroom? This video is a great tool to help parents and teachers understand the difficulty of listening to directions, following what is being said while also trying to keep up, and completing a task for children with slow processing speeds. 

Breaking the Stigma: The Truth About Being Slow in a Fast Paced World

An important conversation led by a woman who has struggled with slow processing speed. This video is helpful for young adults trying to gain a better understanding of the challenges they face in school and their day-to-day lives.

Slow Processing Speed and Anxiety 

A short but informative video to help teens and adults understand how slow processing speed can lead to struggles in school and therefore result in anxiety. This video makes the important point that slow processing speed is not related to intelligence. 

Processing Speed: Helping Your Child Keep Up

Great resource for parents looking to understand the best way to help their children who struggle with slow processing speed. This resource is a live conversation that addresses what processing speed is and answers viewers’ questions that many parents may be curious about themselves. 

Processing Speed in Social Relationships 

Processing speed is not something that only affects children/teens/adults in a classroom setting. It is something that can influence many different aspects of a person’s life. This video discusses how processing speed can impact people in social situations, as Ellen Braaten, Ph.D. cites her research on how the social relationships of children with slow processing speed can become impaired.

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