5 Highly Informative Pinterest Boards About Executive Functioning Skills By Professionals

By Jessica Smith on Tuesday, May 3, 2022
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It is a common misconception that Pinterest boards about children are only created by parents sharing their own experiences. However, there are actually plenty of professionals sharing their breadth of expertise through Pinterest boards for parents. Whether they are sharing the latest research, tips and tricks, or what they have found works best for parents, professionals are all over Pinterest sharing incredible resources for parents. In particular, educators, psychologists, and therapists are sharing their knowledge of executive functioning skills and how parents can help their children develop and grow those skills. Executive functions include skills like organization, time management, planning, flexibility, working memory, and focus. Many of the professionals on Pinterest boards are sharing research, classes, and worksheets that can educate parents and kids alike.

Our teams at South County Child and Family Consultants and lw4k.com are always on the lookout for the newest information to help kids with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, and Executive Functioning difficulties. Pinterest boards on executive functions are one of the more useful tools that we have found. In our offices, we provide comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations of children, teens, and college students. But beyond the confines of the office, we are well informed of the latest research and technologies that can help kids with social-emotional, attention, and learning problems. Check out our other posts to learn more about the latest innovations to help these kids. 

Here are 5 highly informative Pinterest Boards about executive functioning skills by professionals: 

This board was created by Autism Classroom Resources, an organization founded by Dr. Christine Reeve who works to help parents and educators learn and grow to their best abilities. This board provides many resources and activities that parents can use to help their children develop their executive functioning skills for all ages and types of children. 

This board was created by Counselor Chelsey, a school-based counselor who shares her resources, ideas, and lessons to parents to help guide their elementary-aged children. This board is filled with worksheets, strategies, and even games that can help teach children how to better their executive functioning skills. 

This is a board created by LearningWorks For Kids, a website that offers personalized recommendations for education and learning using popular games and apps. This board contains pins with tips, websites, and games that can expose you to unique strategies for developing strong executive functioning skills.

Kristin Lucchesi, a pediatric occupational therapist, created this board with executive function-specific pins with tons of activities for building executive functions in children, with an emphasis on self-control.

The OT Butterfly, a website by a pediatric occupational therapist by Laura Petix, created this board which contains a wide variety of classes, worksheets, checklists, games, and more to aid the development of executive functions in children. 

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