5 Most Informational and Professional Videos on Parenting Children With Anxiety

By Jessica Smith on Tuesday, July 12, 2022
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The amount of information on parenting children with anxiety on the internet can be overwhelming, and where do you begin searching? One place that might not be so obvious to search for reliable and trustworthy information is Youtube, however, there is some great information provided by professionals. What’s great about watching youtube is how accessible they are and how easy it is to add to your daily routine. Finding time throughout your day as a parent to research and learn can be difficult, but throwing on a video while you make dinner or get dressed for the day is quick and simple. It is also a misconception that Youtube videos are unreliable information, however, professionals are also posting information on Youtube from their studies and experiences. Check out the videos by professionals we recommend below! 

Our teams at South County Child and Family Consultants and lw4k.com are always on the lookout for the newest information to help kids with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, and Executive Functioning difficulties. Videos on childhood anxiety are one of the more useful tools that we have found. In our offices, we provide comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations of children, teens, and college students. But beyond the confines of the office, we are well informed of the latest research and technologies that can help kids with social-emotional, attention, and learning problems. Check out our other posts to learn more about the latest innovations to help these kids. 

5 Most Informational and Professional Videos on Parenting Children With Anxiety. 

This video is by UCLA Health and it includes the information presented by two doctors involved in CARES (the Center for Child Anxiety Resilience Education and Support), named Dr. John Piacentini and Dr. Diana Santacrose. In this video, they discuss ways that parents can aid their child in learning to manage their feelings of anxiety and stress, and they discuss what the warning signs might be of a family that may be in need of some extra support. 

This is another video by a professional, Kathryn Boger, a child and adolescent clinical psychologist. This talk is very informational and it discusses treatment options for children with anxiety. Kathryn shares how interventions may be successful for some children, it is not always the best answer for every child, and she provides an alternative solution of outpatient treatment. It helps children to learn to manage their feelings of anxiety and how to gain control of their lives. 

This video provides answers to common questions parents may be asking when it comes to anxiety in their children. It begins with two examples of children with anxiety, and it shows how vastly different anxiety can manifest in different children; anxiety does not look the same in every child that experiences it. Next, the video describes things parents need to know regarding their children’s anxiety that they may not otherwise be aware of; such as the commonality of mental health concerns, how to talk to your children about it, and how sometimes anxiety can be temporary. 

Anne Marie Albano, a youth anxiety psychologist, spends this talk discussing how anxiety is the most common psychiatric condition that is affecting children today. Anne discusses different coping mechanisms that she has researched, and how exposing children to their phobias can be a coping mechanism for the child’s future. She also discusses her work with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and how that can aid families on their path of learning and dealing with anxiety in children. 

This video is exactly how it sounds, it describes symptoms of anxiety in children. This video really emphasizes that anxiety can appear as normal nerves that we all experience. For example, like being nervous speaking in front of the class. This is something that many people experience, but it can also be a symptom and sign of anxiety in children. Finally, the end of the video discusses the importance of seeking guidance and help from a professional for your anxious child as it can be really beneficial for them in the long run. 

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