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Many of the pages within this website provide pediatricians and clinicians with free, useful information on childhood psychiatric issues,  evaluations, and wellness practices. These printable and downloadable handouts and resource lists may be given to children, parents, clinicians and colleagues directly.

SCCFC encourages you to share this website content without charge— and to customize or brand printouts for your practice— as long as you keep our crediting footer intact.

Below are many ways to share our material:

BY EMAIL: Click the envelope icon on the right of the screen. This should pop up a window to your email program, and auto-populate the email with a link to the current website page. If you do not see the window, it may have “popped under” other open windows on your device. 

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DIRECT to PRINTER:  You are welcome to print information on this website. Our footer will automatically display at the end of the documents. You may also print materials onto  your own letterhead, create a custom cover page, or staple your own business card to the materials prior to sharing with patients, parents or clinicians.

BY TEXT:  Please use the “text this” share function available on your smart phone.

BY CUSTOMIZED PRINT OUT*:  This option is the most labor-intensive and has caveats:  You have permission to copy and paste the written materials & resource listings within this website, and to format them using your own favorite word-processing or layout software. However, we cannot grant image propagation/design permission, or re-use of stock images from this website.

*Licensing and copyright issues may result from a professional re-use of any of the stock images within this website. In most cases the images within this website are creative commons 0 license, and were obtained by reputable stock image websites. However, we cannot guarantee re-use/re-design permission. So please only commercially re-design our handouts by obtaining your own versions of suitable images.

We also ask in all cases to please continue to include our footer information at the bottom of the page.


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