Developmental Evaluations

These developmental evaluations are generally for children under the age of six. They often consist of assessing a child’s developmental maturity, cognitive ability, social/emotional and receptive and expressive language skills. Children who may appear to be unprepared to go to school or who are displaying early learning problems may be helped by this type of testing.

Psychological testing with preschool children provides and objective baseline of their behaviors and abilities. Concerns regarding autistic spectrum disorders are often reported at his time and can be part of this type of evaluation. Much of this type of evaluation is conducted through parent and teacher reports, as well as through observation of the child both prior to and during the psychological testing.

Commonly utilized tests include the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scales of Intelligence – III, Bayley – III, Mullen Scales of Early Learning, and Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test – IV. Developmental tests would include the Vineland Scales, Adaptive Behavior Assessment System – II, Greenspan Social-Emotional Growth Chart, and Temperament Assessment Battery for Children.

Full test descriptions are available here.

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