Websites and Resources for Kids on Video Games and Learning

By Dr. Randy Kulman on Friday, March 4, 2016
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Secondary_DigitalChildren spend much of their leisure time using technology and playing video games. While we strongly suggest that they balance this type of digital play with physical, creative, social, and unstructured play, there is much that they can learn from video game play. These resources are useful for helping kids to make the connection between game-based learning and real world skills.

The way kids and teens learn today has changed drastically, so it is beneficial for kids to understand how video games can help them. Of course, some technologies are better than others, which is why we’ve put together a list of some of the best resources for kids. Take a look, and be sure to share the links with your kids! Check back frequently for more.



Pixelkin: A fun website for both kids and parents who enjoy news, reviews, videos, and more about video games.

Edutopia: A site for kids, parents, and teachers looking to learn more on different modern educational techniques for all different grade levels. The site offers articles, videos, and more discussing how today’s technology can truly help us learn.

Learning Works for Kids: A website designed to bring together modern technology and the processes in which we learn. Great for both parents and kids to explore.



Your Brain on Games: An article that teaches kids both how the brain works, but also how it reacts to video games. It also describes what real world applications these effects have.

Games for the Brain: Improve Your Memory Playing Video Games: Tips on how to effectively use video games to improve your memory. Great for students having a tough time remembering things on tests in school.

Cross Train Your Brain with Video Games: A short section about what types of games can help you train certain sections of your brain.

Build Focus in ADHD: An article for kids, teens, and adults meant to help them with ADHD using different video game programs. There are many resources linked in this article making it a useful resource.



Kid Zone: Computer and Video Games for Learning: Useful for parents and children for fun and free online resources for learning. Also includes tips and tricks for computers and learning.

Apps for ADHD or ASD: A great bunch of apps and programs that can help anyone out who has ADHD or ASD.

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