Growth Mindset Resources for Kids and Teens

By Dr. Randy Kulman on Monday, March 7, 2016
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digitalplayUnderstanding how to develop a good growth mindset is an extremely beneficial skill for kids and teens to develop. One of the best ways to learn about a growth mindset is by surfing the web! Unfortunately, there are many resources out there which are simply not worth looking at. That’s why we have collected the best resources on the web for kids and teens to learn about growth mindset! Show some of these great links to your child, and check back frequently for updated resources.

Students’ View Of Intelligence Can Help Improve Grades: An interesting article that explains the definition and the basics about growth mindsets.

You Can Grow Your Intelligence: A great article on how the brain can be developed, like a muscle. Interesting, but better suited for teens.

Growing your Brain Activity: An interesting activity to do with kids and teens. While resource is designed for parents and teachers, it is a great activity to do with the whole family.

Innovative Thinking: Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets: Fantastic article for teens to learn about growth mindset. Great diagrams and pictures for visual learners!

Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets In Children: An animated short video on the difference between fixed and growth mindset for kids. For kids, tweens and teens.

Growth Mindset Video: A short video that provides examples on what growth mindset is. For teens.

Growth Mindset Animation: An animated video that describes what growth mind set is.

Growth Mindset with Amplify Games: Great article about how games can improve kids’ growth mindset, with links to good activities.  

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