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By Dr. Randy Kulman on Tuesday, March 8, 2016
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ANNOYANCES (1)If your kids don’t like math or find it to be hard, they might find some of these tools to be helpful. Many kids who struggle with math are using strategies that often do not help them to learn. While they may be taught certain ways to approach math in the classroom, there may be other methods that would work better for the student. There is substantial research on various effective study skills that can help students improve their math skills.  Here are some of the best resources for improving math skills including websites, articles, videos, games, and apps. Please share this with your kids or students!



Understanding various math skills, and how to improve them, can be difficult for kids to do. The way kids and teens learn today has changed dramatically, with many young people turning to the Internet to learn about various topics. This makes websites one of the best platforms for them to learn about improving their math skills. Of course, some websites are better than others, which is why we’ve put together a list of some of the best resources for kids. Check out the links below, and check back frequently for more.

CoolMath4kidsCool math for kids is a website full of math related games for kids. The games are a lot of fun, and helpful at the same time! For kids.

Math PlaygroundAnother math game site, good for training in basic math while having fun. For kids

DreamBoxA website full of interactive math videos and games and other helpful activities that make learning math fun! For kids.

Math Is FunA very informative, yet very understandable website for help in lots of different math topics. Walks you through the stages/process. For kids/teens/college students.

Help With Math BasicsMath website for kids to browse through, has games and techniques for different types of basic math. For kids and teens

Pre-Algebra Videos and QuizzesHelpful for pre-algebra students, can help with homework or studying for quizzes. For kids before pre-algebra level. *click on the link Khan Academy for similar math video tutorials.



MathTopia for IOSMathtopia is a game developed for IOS that involves mental math in a fast paced, fun activity. Players must solve equations quickly to complete puzzles. For kids 5 and older.

Math vs. Zombies for Android and iPhoneMath Vs. Zombies. It might sound scary, but really, it’s only here to help you with math WHILE enjoying a game involving monsters. This game works on both Androids and Ipads. In this game, Zombies approach the screen and they have math equations above their heads-it’s your goal to solve them to get rid of them. For kids 4-12 years old.

Dragon Shapes For IOSDragons and Math? Yes, they do go together. In this game for Iphones, practice your geometry abilities. For kids 6 and older.



While the Internet can be a great place to find educational videos, there are many out there which aren’t worth the time. However, we have found a great selection of videos, for all ages, to learn about improving their math skills. Check out the links below, which are updated regularly by our team at South County Child and Family Consultants. We have separated the videos into which age group they would be most beneficial for, including kids, tweens, teens and adults.

Is Minecraft the Ultimate Educational Tool?This video describes how minecraft can be used as an effective learning tool. For teens.

101 Ideas for Minecraft Learners [33] Addition & Subtraction MachineA video that provides a visual on how to incorporate addition and subtraction into minecraft! For kids, tweens and teens.

Puzzle GamesA video that talks about the usefulness of puzzle games that could be related to skills that could include math, planning, flexibility, focus and time management. For tweens and teens.

Commutative Property TechniquesA simple video about the Commutative Property. For kids.

The Math Behind Basketball?A TEDTALK video about how math is used in basketball.For teens.

Schoolhouse Rock- ZeroA great Schoolhouse Rock Video about Zero! (0). For kids.

Mental Math- ComplimentsA video about using mental math to do compliments (making 10 from numbers to make things faster). His other videos are also in the playlist, and are really helpful. For kids.

Taming InfinityAn interesting hand drawn video clip about infinity. For teens.

A History Of Math SymbolsA short video about the history of math symbols that we see every day. For kids and teens.

How Does Math Guide Our Ships At Sea?“Without math, would our seafaring ancestors ever have seen the world? Great mathematical thinkers and their revolutionary discoveries have an incredible story. Explore the beginnings of logarithms through the history of navigation, adventure and new worlds”(taken from youtube).  For kids and teens.

How To Study For A Math TestLearning HOW to study for math is just as important as learning WHAT to study. For kids and teens.


Pinterest Boards

Long Division HelpA Pinterest board with lots of different strategies for long division. For kids/teens.

Fun Math GamesMath Games and activities allow you to have a good time and learn without even realizing it! For kids.

Making Math FunMath can be a lot of fun if you find the right ways to learn. This Pinterest board helps with that. Here are some math games and cool ideas that get you thinking about math concepts in an entertaining way. For kids.

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