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By Dr. Randy Kulman on Friday, April 15, 2016
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eval-neuroThere are lots of great resources online to learn about multiple intelligences, and especially many great websites. Multiple intelligences refers to a theory developed by Dr. Howard Gardner that describes the many forms of intelligence that help children to master their environment. Rather than defining “intelligence” as something that is measured on a test, Gardner describes 8 types of intelligences. These are musical, naturalistic, kinesthetic, spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, verbal, and logical/mathematical.We have put together a selection of some of the best websites on the Internet, with lots of information on multiple intelligences. Check out the links below, which are updated regularly by our team at South County Child and Family Consultants.


Howard Gardner- Official WebsiteThe official website of Howard Gardner, the developer of the Multiple Intelligences Theory. Various information about his upcoming work and other resources.

Edutopia: An excellent resource for all sorts of information regarding learning and education, with some great articles and videos about multiple intelligences.

Explorama: The website for an amusement park in Denmark that is based on the Multiple Intelligences Theory. It might be hard to get there, but the website itself is very interesting for parents wanting to learn about multiple intelligences.

Multiple Intelligences-OasisA thorough website with various information about multiple intelligences, including basic details, descriptions, and resources.

Multiple Intelligences: Practical classroom ideasA great and resourceful website for both parents and teachers to find activities to use with kids with various forms of intelligence.



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