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By Dr. Randy Kulman on Thursday, May 26, 2016
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cartoon boyUnderstanding executive functions, and improving them on their own, can be difficult for kids to do and difficult for parents to understand. The way kids and parents learn today has changed dramatically, which is why we have put together a list of some of the best resources for parents for improving executive functions. Check out the links below, and check back frequently for more.



Learning and Executive Functions with KidsAmanda Gilliland created a board that is used to show the differences of weakened executive functioning and how we learning is used to improve these skills. For parents and teachers.

Executive Functioning IssuesThis board was created by Understood to show how certain issues are related to executive functions and how particular issues can be resolved. For parents.

The Different Executive FunctionsLW4K provides numerous resources on the different ways video games can improve executive functioning skills in children. For parents and teachers.

Improving Executive Function SkillsThis board shows different strategies and ideas to improving skills and help reach goals, especially executive function related. For parents and teachers.

Everything Executive Function RelatedTerri Rossman put together a board that breaks down executive functions, and shows the differences between ADHD, and tips on improving executive functions.



Improving Executive FunctionsSarah Ward talks about strategies for improving executive functions, targeted for kids with ADHD. For parents.

Executive Functions and ADHDDr. Russell Barkley creates a model for executive functions and shows how ADHD in adults is derived from weakened executive functions

Improving Your Child’s Executive FunctionsDr. Adele Diamond talks about the core executive functions and how they can be improved especially within children. For parents.



Strategies to Improve Executive FunctionsLearningWorks For Kids explains how executive functions are cognitive processes and what the brain-based skills help people accomplish for daily activities. Technological strategies are implemented at LearningWorks For Kids to improve executive functions. For parents.

Factors that Influence Executive FunctionsBasic information for parents on Executive Functions including the development of EF’s, and how factors like environment and time can influence executive functions. For parents.

Understanding Executive FunctionsAmanda Morin writes a descriptive article on what executive functions are and the symptoms of having issues with one or more executive functions. For parents.

Article on Executive Functions and TransitioningTime management and prioritization skills that help students transition from middle school to high school. For parents.

How Family Game Night Improves Executive FunctionsThis article shows how the games families play together can improve executive functions within children. It uses several different games as examples and provides insight on which executive functions each game focuses on. For parents

Executive Functions and Self-RegulationThis article provides insight on the development of executive functions and gives resources at the end for more information and research related sources. For parents and teachers.

Helping Kids with Executive Function ProblemsAlyssa Meuwissen gives a detailed article on the three components of executive functions and what parents can do with their kids to develop better executive functioning skills. For parents.

4 Steps to Improve Your Child’s Executive FunctionsSusan Bauerfield talks about four different things to do to help improve children’s executive functions, all with nurturing steps in mind. For parents.

Concerns of Executive Functions Issues: looks at problems regarding organizational skills to help parents determine if their child has executive functioning issues. For parents.

Teaching Ideas For Executive Functions9 different teaching ideas focused on executive functions. For parents and teachers.



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