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By Dr. Randy Kulman on Thursday, May 26, 2016
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scrabble_anxietyMany kids who struggle with school, social, and behavioral problems are in fact struggling with a particular executive function. There is substantial research that improving executive functions can help children and adults with many aspects of learning and attention. Here are some of the best resources for improving and learning about executive functions, including websites, articles, videos, games, and more.


Improving Executive FunctionsA Pinterest board that has a wide range of games for improving executive functions and targets certain cognitive skills. For kids.



Let Me Be Your Camera – Understanding ADHDA video that provides a detailed explanation about ADHD and the executive functions associated with it. For kids and teens.

Why Executive Functions Are so ImportantA video that explains the importance of executive functions. For teens and adults.

Teen BrainProvides an explanation of the teenage brain and the development of certain executive functions for parents to understand their children. For adults and parents that are interested in understanding executive functions.

InBrief: Executive FunctionA Harvard video on what Executive functions are and detailed examples on how to use these. For teens and young adults.

Executive Functioning: A video that talks about how ADHD is a disorder of executive functions. A video about deficits in executive functions and how to use different skills and strategies. For teens.

ADHD and Executive FunctionsA short video with Dr. Barkley that provides information about ADHD and Executive Functions. For kids and teens.

11 Executive SkillsThis is a short animated video on EFs. It also uses Dawson and Guare 11 EF model. For tweens and teens.

What is Executive Function?This is a short intro on EFs and defines a variety of skills that is easy to understand with great visuals. For tweens and teens.



Adolescents and Executive Functions: An article based on a presentation by Peg Dawson shows the correlation between ADHD and weakened executive functions. For teens and also parents.

Improving Working Memory 5 Minutes a DayAngela Watson shows how working memory games can improve executive functions. Working memory has been shown to increase IQ scores, test scores and student attitudes, Angel Watson recommends working memory should be addressed in kids as early as PreK. For tweens, teens and parents.



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