Videos on Minecraft

By Lily Lachapelle on Wednesday, March 7, 2018
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videos on Minecraft

Often, it is most helpful to learn about something not by reading about it, but by watching a video about it. Both for parents and kids, videos can be a great way to learn more about how video games, like Minecraft can improve learning. While there are definitely videos that are not worth watching, we have collected some of the best videos available on the Internet. Check out the excellent videos below, updated regularly by our team at South County Child and Family Consultants. Pay careful attention to which videos are designed for kids and which are designed for adults.


For Parents

Is Minecraft the Ultimate Educational Tool?: This video describes how Minecraft can be used as an effective learning tool.


How Minecraft Changes the Future of Games – Minecraft Generation: A video that talks about how Minecraft can affect gaming, the world, and help children with learning.


Using Minecraft as an Educational Tool: A video that explains how Minecraft can be used in the classroom to aid students in learning.


For Kids and Teens

LearningWorksforKids Let’s Play: This awesome let’s play channel has tons of videos on Minecraft as well as other games you love. Check it out!


ComputerCraft: A tutorial on a popular Minecraft mod called ComputerCraft. This mod teaches you how to code for certain software programs that actually exist in real life!


Building a Gothic Castle: This video shows you how to build a Gothic style castle that reaches for the sky! Great for kids who like architecture.


Let’s Build a Kingdom: A Let’s Build series that builds an astounding kingdom in Minecraft.


101 Ideas for Minecraft Learners – Four – Let’s Make a Maze: This video provides instructions on how to make a maze on Minecraft for learners and can help with planning skills!


101 Ideas for Minecraft Learners – Seven – Design & Build a Farm Game: This video provides instructions on how to design a farm game in Minecraft. This can help with developing planning and organizational skills.


101 Ideas for Minecraft Learners – Eight – Route planning in Minecraft GB: A video that provides how to plan routes in Minecraft for learners!


101 Ideas for Minecraft Learners [33] Addition & Subtraction Machine: A video that provides a visual on how to incorporate addition and subtraction into Minecraft!.


101 Ideas for Minecraft Learners [38] Item Sorting Machine: A video on how to create a sorting machine in Minecraft. This can help with developing organizational skills.



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