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By Antonia Ciunci on Friday, March 9, 2018
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Help Your Children on the Topic of Processing Speed

Finding the best websites for parents to learning about improving processing speeds in children can be challenging. It is particularly important for parents of kids with slower processing speeds to have reliable information on how to help their children improve their skills, both inside and outside the classroom. Check out the following list of the best websites for parents to learn about processing speeds, updated regularly by our team at South County Child and Family Consultants.


How does processing speed affect learning? – A fascinating look about how processing speeds can affect learning, and why it is important to recognize processing speeds in children.


PROCESSING  SPEED, WORKING  MEMORY, AND FLUID  INTELLIGENCE: Evidence for a Developmental  Cascade: A study that examines processing speed. A more complex but interesting read.


Children’s Arithmetical Difficulties: Contributions from Processing Speed, Item Identification, and Short-Term Memory: A great website which addresses math difficulties in children, with specific information how slow processing speed has an affect on math skills.


Coping With Slow Processing Speed At Home And At School: This website explains to parents the difficulties their child may be having in school while having slow processing speed. It explains how parents can help their child to handle having slow processing speed while in school.


Intro To Processing Speed: This website explains to parents a detailed introduction to processing speed, and what they should know about handling their children who suffer  with slow processing speed.


National Center for Learning Disabilities: A necessary tool for parents of children with learning disabilities, including a slow processing speed.


Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities: A great resource for parents of children with slow processing speeds, especially when looking for connections between their processing speed disability and other learning disorders.


The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds: A fantastic resource which contains various articles and information about all aspects of child learning and education.



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