Websites on Exercise, Learning, and Mental Health For Adults

By Lily Lachapelle on Saturday, March 10, 2018
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Websites and Articles on Exercise, Learning, and Mental Health For Adults

My Fitness Pal – A website that you can make a free account for, and then it tracks your calories and the amount of time you spend doing physical activity every day. You can use it as an “exercise calendar”. For teens and adults.


Why Exercise Boosts IQ – An article with a video attached about how exercise boosts IQ scores. For adults.


13 Mental Health Benefits Of Exercise – Everything from reducing stress levels to enhancing natural hormones in the brain, exercise can do it! For adults.


Regular Exercise Changes Brain/ Improves Memory And Thinking Skills – A Harvard health article about the proven link between regular exercise and increased brain power. For adults.



Visit the South County Child & Family Consultants website for more great articles!

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