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By Lily Lachapelle on Monday, June 18, 2018
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Developing Parenting Skills

There is a wealth of information about developing parenting skills on the Internet. However, finding reliable information that is not intended to sell you something is often difficult to find. It is also important that parents are able to find practical solutions and strategies that actually help to improve their parenting skills. Some of the most useful information can be found in articles, social media, and podcasts about this issue. The following list of the best parenting resources  is updated regularly by our team at South County Child and Family Consultants and will guide you in getting the best information about parenting young children available on the Internet.



There are lots of great resources online to learn about parenting skills, and especially many great websites. We have put together a selection of some of the best websites on the Internet, with lots of information on learning about parenting young children. Check out the links below, which are updated regularly by our team at South County Child and Family Consultants.

Explaining Self-Regulation: An article that explains emotional and behavioral self-regulation.


Understanding Your Child’s Trouble With Hyperactivity- by Amanda Morin: An article explaining possible causes of hyperactivity, and some ways you can help to treat this in your child.


How to Help Your Child Get Motivated in School- by Danielle Cohen: An article that explains ways you can help your child to get motivated in school.


Poor School Performance- How Parents Can Help: Ways you can help your child who may be struggling in their school performance.


Sibling Rivalry: An article explaining the differences between healthy and unhealthy sibling rivalry, and what you can do as a parent.


Child Not Doing Homework? Read This Before You Try Anything Else- by Tanith Carey: An article explaining how to help children who deal with struggles when it comes to homework completion.



KBN Parenting: Parenting articles from kid bloggers. * Important note for collaborators: Any pin that you pin to this board is giving your permission for other KBN members to feature your post with a link and may include a photo. LWK


Parenting & Behavior Management: A number of great skills to use for parents on behavior such as anger, tattling, and moodiness. By Janice Golden Landau


Creative Discipline Ideas: From teens to toddlers, discipline ideas and behavior management tips for parents. By Bug Bosarge


Managing Behavior: For parents and teachers. Ideas for classroom manners and accommodations for children. By Social Butterflies Club


Communication & Behavior Ideas: Techniques on how to effectively communicate with children for parents and teachers. By Kendall Barrientos


Anger, Stress and Behavior Management: As a parent, it’s easy to feel stressed out and angry. Kids also experience these emotions! Check out the pins on this board to explore different types of coping skills for both parents and children! By Project HELP DuPage



While the Internet can be a great place to find educational videos, there are many out there which aren’t worth the time. However, we have found a great selection of videos to learn about parenting skills. Check out the links below, which are updated regularly by our team at South County Child and Family Consultants.

Essentials for Parenting Toddlers and Preschoolers: A short introductory video on parenting. For parents.


Using Time-Out: A video that explains the concept of “Time-Out” and how to effectively implement this strategy. For parents.


Creating Structure and Rules for Your Child: A video on creating a routine structure for your child to follow in your household. For parents.


Creating Structure and Rules for Your Child: Charts & Graphs: a video on how to create structure within your household for you child with the use of graphs and charts. For parents.


Giving Directions to Your Child: A video that provides strategies on how to effectively have your child follow directions. For parents.


Giving Directions to Your Child: You Know What I Mean?: A video that explains further how to give good directions to your child and  how to establishes clear understanding between each other. For parents.


Communicating with Your Child: A video that explains how to effectively communicate and develop strong relationships with your child. For parents.


Communicating with Your Child: Play Time: A video on how to communication with your child during play time. For parents.


Using Discipline and Consequences: A video that provides information on how to use consequences and discipline to prevent misbehavior in children. For parents.


Using Discipline and Consequences: Sippy Cup: A video that explains different methods and strategies on how to effectively use consequences and discipline. For parents.


iQ Smart Parent: A set of lengthy professional videos that touch upon many tips and guides to parenting. For adults.


Kids In The House: A big channel of videos that provides many informative videos on parenting. For adults and parents.


60-Seconds Positive Parenting: A group of videos that provides information on various topics of parenting. For parents.


Understanding Mother: A video about a parent with autism spectrum disorder raising her children who also has autism . For adults and parents.


Collaborative Problem Solving: Proactive “Plan B”: A video with Ross Green on some behavioral management strategies. For adults.


Rethinking Challenging Kids-Where There’s a Skill There’s a Way: A video with Studart Albon expanding on collaborative problem solving and for parents who want to learn about kids with behavioral challenges. For adults.


Websites A website with lots of very helpful links and pages about everything you need to know about parenting basics. For adults/parents. A resource filled with helpful links for single and blended parenting. For parents. A website for parents of children with ADD and ADHD. For parents. A website with a wide variety of articles for parents,  from everything from keeping your cool to teaching kids about concequences. For parents. A website with lots of helpful articles for all types of parents and all types of children. For parents.


Articles an article which focuses on helping parents to let their children be themselves. For parents. Teaching children to be okay with failure. For parents. Parenting tips while going through a divorce. For parents. Resources for parents on behavioral therapy techniques. For parents. Top 10 behavior management strategies. For parents.


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