Resources for Parents and Kids about Meditation and Mindfulness

By Antonia Ciunci on Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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parent mediation and mindful Yoga, relaxation, meditation and mindfulness are up and coming methods for stress relief, and they have many other benefits as well. They are also great for a variety of age ranges! Meditation can be helpful for relaxation, focus, memory, and stress management. In today’s society, there are various resources on the Internet for learning about a variety of concepts. However, there are obviously a lot of resources that are not worth the time it takes to find them and read them. That’s why we have collected a great selection of resources for parents and kids to learn about relaxation. Check out the links below, which include articles, Pinterest and Facebook pages, podcasts and more! Come back regularly, as the links are updated frequently.

Articles on Meditation and Mindfulness for Parents

Teaching Mindfulness Skills to Kids and TeensGreat article about how to teach these skills to younger kids.  Good reading for parents and teachers.

Mindfulness Education in SchoolsAn article about mindfulness in schools, in science, in the workplace, and in social media. For adults.

Daily Dose of Meditation for ADHD?: A first person article about meditation and ADHD. For adults

Relax Your Way To Perfect HealthExamines the benefits of relaxation techniques and how it has been proven for many years to help the brain. For adults.


Pinterest Boards on Meditation and Relaxation for Parents and Kids

Great collection of meditation videosA Pinterest board filled with videos about different types of meditation and relaxation techniques. For teens and adults.little boy mediating

Explore Relaxation TechniquesA Pinterest board filled with meditation and relaxation links and ideas. A lot of the the things pinned here are directly related to how meditation can help reduce anxiety. For teens and adults.


Facebook Pages on Meditation and Mindfulness for Parents

Meditation Practices FacebookA Facebook page dedicated to meditation and mindfulness. Click “like” to see news and updates and videos right to your Facebook homepage. You can also interact with other people who have liked this page by commenting on links you found useful. For adults.

Mindful Everyday FacebookAnother Facebook page with pictures/videos/links and more all centered around being mindful in your daily life. If you like this page, you will regularly see posts by them in your feed, which can help you remember to be mindful every day. For adults.



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