Resources for Parents on Social Thinking 

By Joseph Molk on Thursday, June 21, 2018
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parents on social thinking

Parents on Social Thinking

Social thinking is a difficult topic, even for adults. It is a mix of different emotional elements such as empathy, communication, friendship and much more. To make it easier for children to comprehend social thinking, it is important for parents to be educated first. This way, they can transfer their understanding of the topic to their child in a manner that is easier to conceptualize. After all, who knows a child better than a parent? Below are resources for parents that will further develop their understanding of social thinking so they can relay back to their children.

Importance of Emotional Development  A website offering multiple descriptions and reasons why social/emotional development is important for kids. Proper emotional development is a a necessary quality.

Parenting and Development  Displays the importance of emotional development for kids for parental audiences. Displays the importance of parental roles when it comes to a child’s development.

Video Games and Social Thinking The American Psychological Association is saying that video games are an excellent resource to improve elements of social thinking and other developmental stages. Children positively respond to technology in a learning scenario.

Communication Informational article written by the University of Indiana to illustrate to parents on how they can improve their child’s communication skills. Plus other sections on children’s stages of communication are written.


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