Adults Social Thinking Websites

By Joseph Molk on Thursday, June 21, 2018
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adults social thinking

Websites on Adults Social Thinking

Finding the best websites for parents to learn about social thinking can be challenging. Social thinking refers to they type of social skills  It is particularly important for parents to learn about social thinking and how it can affect their children’s socialization and learning. Check out the following list of the best websites for parents to learn about social thinking, and check back frequently for updated links from our team at South County Child and Family Consultants.

LearningWorks For Kids: The premier resource for executive function information, offering a detailed explanation of Social Thinking, tips for parents, and activities to improve this skill.


Everyday Health Network: Author provides five tips to help children, specifically those with ADD/ADHD, successfully develop their social skills.


Internet Special Education Resources: This site outlines a relationship-based approach to helping children acquire and maintain social skills.


Parenting Science: This site targets social skills in preschoolers and offers parents a diversity of tips to help cultivate these skills.



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