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By Joseph Molk on Thursday, June 21, 2018
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social thinking videos

Videos on Social Thinking

Watching a video about a subject is often much more rewarding and educational than reading about it. In addition, it can also be more fun! There are lots of videos out there that educate parents and children about social thinking, although some videos are better than others. We have collected some of the best videos here. Check out the links below, which are regularly updated by or team at South County Child and Family Consultants. Pay careful attention to which videos are designed for kids, tweens, teens, and adults.


Social Thinking with self-awareness: Learn about social thinking with the help of self-awareness skills and games! For kids and parents.

Executive Functioning: A short video on EFs (Executive Functions) with well explained key concepts. This video is related to kids education and is for adults and parents.

Executive Functions Superheroes: Building Strategies for Success (Virtual Tour):  This is a short video about EFs that could be applied in the elementary school classroom setting. For teens and adults/parents

11 Executive Skills: This is a short animated video on EFs. It also uses Dawson and Guare 11 EF model. For kids, tweens and teens (watch in full screen).

Social Skills Videos: An excellent  playlist of videos on different social skills that one can work on. These are professionally done and useful for younger kids, tweens and teens.


Social thinking can be an in-depth and difficult topic for children to understand. Specific here. Often, children learn more through technology than through classroom settings. We have collected some of the best resources on the Internet for kids to learn about social thinking. Take a look at some of these resources, and be sure to share them with your kids. The links are updated frequently by our team at South County Child and Family Consultants, so check back regularly for new resources.


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