Social Thinking for Kids

By Joseph Molk on Thursday, June 21, 2018
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social thinking for kids

Resources on Social Thinking for Kids

It is difficult to process social thinking for kids as a concept. Below are some more simple resources for children that will begin or improve their development of social thinking. Social thinking is a skill that one can always improve on. Below are kid friendly sources that are centered around friendship, compassion, and self awareness so that kids can begin to understand the concepts.  

Pinterest Board   A go to board of pictures from pinterest that kids can utilize while in social situations. Almost like a handbook to keep on for social situations.

100 Empathy Movies As we know, children love movies. Here is a list of movies for kids that display empathy and friendship.

900+ Comic Strips on Friendship. Assorted comic strips reflecting on all sorts of aspects of friendship. Easy and fun to read.

Best Empathy Games A website for kids that has the ‘best’ games, books, and movie lists designed kids. Downloadable games that focus on displaying empathy.


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