Resources for Kids with Learning Disabilities

By Antonia Ciunci on Sunday, August 5, 2018
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Technology has become a valuable part of the socialization and education of children. Websites and other online resources have become a great way for children to learn more about many topics. Helping children to understand how they learn, and especially about learning disabilities, can help them to learn more effectively. Children with learning disabilities often learn in a different way, and might be encouraged to learn through games and activities. Below are some of the best websites and resources for kids with learning disabilities. Take a look and make sure to share them with your kids! Check back regularly for updated links! SO SO SO SO 

Resources for Kids with Learning Disabilities

Teens Health- Learning Disabilities  –A website about learning disabilities designed specifically for kids and young teens. A helpful source of information.

Learning Disabilities  –A PBS learning disability website, can be useful for kids to gather more information about a learning disability they have. SO SO SO SO 

IXL –IXL is a dynamic, immersive website offering adaptive learning for students with disabilities. From Pre-K through senior year, IXL will provide fun exercises for mathematics, language arts, science, and social studies. Children remain motivated by earning awards like stickers and balloon animals for each lesson mastered. so SO SO S

Fun Brain -Funbrain is an educational website with exciting arcade games. Children with learning disabilities in grades K-8 can watch lesson videos and practice their skills in attention-grabbing games. so

Adapted Mind -Adapted Mind includes hundreds of amusing reading and math activities illustrated by goofy monsters. Children with start with a quick pre-test before engaging in video lessons and taking a confidence-boosting progress assessment.



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