LW4K Live Skills Workshop

By SCCFC on Tuesday, August 7, 2018
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LearningWorks for Kids Skills Workshops are a brand new home-based program that helps your child better develop executive functions and social and emotional learning skills while playing games and learning apps with a group of peers.

This program provides kids ages 8-15 who are struggling with learning challenges (including those affected by ADHD, autism, or other learning issues) with an opportunity to spend their screen time practicing skills such as Organization, Flexibility, Working Memory and more in a fun Video Game and App based way. They will learn the basics of these skills, and learn ways to use them in their everyday lives such as at school and home.

Your child will be teamed up with Our Gamer Guides (upper level students from the University of Rhode Island with backgrounds in psychology and game-based learning) that will teach and practice these skills through an online group based setting. Our main focus is to have fun in a safe environment while finding ways to sprinkle in strategies that help kids connect game-based skills to real world learning.

LearningWorks for Kids is excited to announce that we’ll be offering another Organizational Skills Workshop, and registration is open now!  In this Workshop, students will develop their organizational abilities by participating in an online curriculum with a group of peers. They will apply these skills using digital games and applications while relating to activities in school, at home and other extra curricular activities.

At this time, we are only looking to fill one initial small group of 8-10 kids as we get the program off the ground. The regular price of this program is $75 for the 3-session workshop, but we’re offering all of our early users a $25 discount for giving the program a chance.

To receive this discount, just enter the code BETA25 at checkout.

Dates and times are listed below. To sign a child up for the program, just click on the button and follow the instructions for enrollment.

LW4K Live Organizational Skills Workshop

  • First Session: Monday, August 13, 6:00pm EST
  • Second Session: Monday, August 20, 6:00pm EST
  • Third Session: Monday, August 27, 6:00pm EST

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