Resources on Behavioral Disorders

By Stasia Timan on Monday, April 29, 2019
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Behavioral disorders reflect various acting out and disruptive difficulties in kids.  Parents and teachers often are unsure about how to help children with behavioral disorders. While there are various resources available online, it can be hard to find resources that are both interesting and accurate. We have collected a sample of some of the best resources out there, including articles, Facebook and Pinterest links, podcasts, and more. Check out the links below, which we update regularly, and check back often to see more.


The Facts About Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) and ADHD
This article talks about ODD in relation to ADHD. It gives advice on what parents can do to help with ODD.

What Is Oppositional Defiant Disorder?
This article defines ODD and gives specific parenting examples on how to combat unwanted behavior. It gives advice on treatment and the possibility of family therapy.

The ADHD-ODD Link in Children
This article talks about the differences between ADHD and ODD. This article has many eye-opening facts about ADHD and ODD.

Typical vs. Challenging Behaviors
This article describes behavior that is typical vs. challenging behaviors in children. It also provides some suggestions if your child exhibits signs of challenging behaviors.

Dealing With Your Child’s Challenging Behaviors
Parenting advice on how to discipline a child with behavioral issues. It is a quick read but has some very useful tips about handling undesirable behavior.


Learning Works for Kids
LearningWorks for Kids is dedicated to showing parents how to mentor their children through the digital world. This Facebook page has advice on ADHD, behavioral issues, and much more.

Parents of ODD
This is a Facebook group that connects parents of children with ODD. This closed group posts a lot of articles and other resources on the subject. You can talk to other parents who are going through a very similar situation.

Positive Parenting
This Facebook page has a lot of resources on parenting tactics. It has a focus on the family functioning in a healthy way that will help a child succeed. This page has a lot of motivational and inspirational posts that encourage parents to take time for their physical and mental health.


Behavioral Concepts
This Pinterest account provides resources on behavioral support for kids and behavioral interventions.

Emotional & Behavioral Disorders
This post has self-control and therapy activities for children. This page has a collection of games and techniques that can be used by/with children. Also, it has activities and videos that can help teachers and parents.

This post describes materials, activities, and explanations of Oppositional Defiant Disorder. It includes tips for parents who want to learn how to manage their child’s behavior.

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