Websites for Parents on Cognitive Flexibility

By Emily DiPalma on Tuesday, June 11, 2019
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An individual’s ability to be adaptable, improvise, and shift approaches to meet different challenges are all skills that contribute to Cognitive Flexibility. Included in this list of resources are multiple tools, articles, and strategies that you can use to strengthen your child’s cognitive flexibility.

Our team of neuropsychologists, school psychologists, and psychology students at South County Child and Family Consultants are committed to searching the Internet and beyond to find reputable, informative, and practical tools to help parents, children, and teens improve Cognitive Flexibility. We look for the best information online to help kids diagnosed with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Executive Functioning Difficulties, struggles with Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills, Autism, Depression, and Anxiety and provide you with information about how neuropsychological evaluations can help target concerns with Cognitive Flexibility. Come back regularly, as the links are updated frequently.


LearningWorks For Kids
LearningWorks for Kids is the premier resource for information on executive functioning. This website will give you explanations, strategies, and games that can be used to improve your child’s thinking skills. They also list video games that will strengthen your child’s cognitive flexibility in a fun, engaging way. Check out their website to learn more!

Harvard University – Executive Function Activities
This is a free resource that was created by Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child. Here, you will find worksheets with activities that can be used with infants through adolescents. The best part is that each activity can be done with supplies you have at home. Click the link to learn more!

The Child Mind Institute
This website has a number of posts that focus on executive functioning and cognitive flexibility. Here, you will find numerous resources that will help you better understand this topic as well as tips to strengthen this skill. Check out their website to learn more!

ADDitude Magazine
This website is a trusted resource for families and adults living with ADHD and ADHD related conditions. They post numerous articles in regards to executive functioning skills, including cognitive flexibility. 

Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario
This website has a wide variety of resources available that explain cognitive flexibility. You can also take a look at their resources on executive functioning skills.  

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