Resources on Healthy Eating

By Emily DiPalma on Monday, September 16, 2019
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Many kids who struggle with healthy eating are often picky eaters, and have a hard time trying healthier options or learning to incorporate both healthy and unhealthy foods in a balanced diet. Learning more about healthy eating options can be beneficial for both parents and children.

Our team of neuropsychologists, school psychologists, and psychology students at South County Child and Family Consultants are committed to searching the Internet and beyond to find reputable, informative, and practical tools to help parents, children, and teens improve their eating habits. We look for the best information online to help kids diagnosed with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Executive Functioning Difficulties, struggles with Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills, Autism, Depression, and Anxiety and provide you with information about how neuropsychological evaluations help in targeting your concerns. Come back regularly, as the links are updated frequently.


ADHD Nutrition 
This Pinterest board provides snack and meal ideas for children with ADHD that may help improve behavior, calm anxiety, and help with attentiveness. Check out the link to learn more!

Healthy Eating for Children
This board includes a variety of fun and creative ways to help your children enjoy a well-balanced diet. This is a great resource to gain meal time inspiration from!

Healthy Happy Kids 
The link above includes an abundance of healthy food ideas that can be used with your children to promote healthy growth and fun eating. For tweens and teens. 

Brain Food for Kids -Fun, tasty, and healthy foods. This board gives different presentation ideas which may help your child feel more excited to try new foods.


Healthy Eating for Kids 
This website is a helpful resource due to its wide range of information on healthy foods. This is helpful for all ages as it explains the importance of keeping both our mind and body active.  

Learn to Be Healthy
This is a website that is working on promoting healthy habits, beginning at a young age. They focus on the impact of healthy eating on families and educational outcomes. 

Kids Health
This website is a nonprofit organization that was founded by Neil Izenberg, MD in 1995. Their goal is to help parents, children, and teenagers take charge of their health.

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