Resources for Parents on Brain Training

By Peter Barbagallo on Thursday, May 14, 2020
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Our brains, and the concept of brain training, are widely misunderstood and can be very confusing. Brain Training is being touted as a cure for many learning and attentional issues, but not all brain training tools are actually helpful. While there are various resources available online, it can be hard to find resources that are interesting, informative,  and accurate. We have collected a sample of some of the best resources out there, Facebook and Pinterest links, podcasts, and more. Check out the links below, which we update regularly, and check back often to see more.


For Pinterest:

Educational Brain Training and MovementCreated by K. Foster and designed to improve learning & educational outcomes. For parents and teachers.

Brain Training vs Tutoring -Sometimes your child needs tutoring and sometimes your child needs brain training. Check on these boards to learn the difference. For parents and teachers.

The Brain Train -Dozens of games and ideas for helping your child enhance brain training skills while having fun. For parents.



Train Your Brain 365 Days a Year -Dr. Michael Trayford offers numerous podcasts on the different areas of Brain Training. For adults.

Brain Science -Podcast by Ginger Campbell that provides insight on how to optimize brain and personalize brain fitness for individual needs. For adults.

Improving Mental Concentration -Podcast talks about the strengths and weaknesses of mental concentration and how attention connects to concentration and how to apply mental concentration to your goals. For adults.

Brain Training during Workouts -Writer, physician, and athlete Alex Hutchinson shares he uses brain training to increase focus and concentration. For adults.

Brain Training for Cognitive ADHD Training -Learn how computer-based learning can help the cognitive abilities of those with ADHD. For adults.



Brain Health and Wellness -A wide range of articles showing how different things like exercise, video games, sleep, and eating can affect your brain. For adults, parents, and teachers.

Smart Secrets -Carol Dweck explains the importance of “mindsets” that help kids to see how effort leads to actual changes in brain structure. For parents.

Exercise is Crucial in Brain Training -This article summarizes studies conducted and shows the correlation between exercising and brain training improvement. It shows how exercise has an effect on the areas of the brain involving learning and memory. For parents.

6 Brain Training Exercises -This article is used as a resource for parents to show their kids six different exercises that can improve executive functions within the brain. For parents.

Neurofeedback and Brain Training This article summarises a study and shows how neurofeedback is correlated with improving brain training and alleviating symptoms from kids with ADHD. 

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