Navigating Childhood Anxiety: A Parent’s Directory to Online Resources

By SCCFC on Friday, April 12, 2024
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The prevalence of childhood anxiety is on the rise, leaving many parents searching for effective strategies to support their children’s mental well-being. Understanding the nuances of anxiety—including recognizing symptoms, learning about the condition, and implementing stress-reduction techniques—can be pivotal in providing the necessary support. Our carefully curated list of websites offers a diverse array of resources tailored to meet the varying experiences of anxiety, ensuring that each family can find the guidance that resonates with their unique situation.


South County Child and Family Consultants is home to a dedicated team of neuropsychologists, school psychologists, and psychology scholars who are deeply invested in sourcing the most credible and practical online tools to assist parents and their children in managing anxiety. Our expertise extends to a wide range of related issues, such as ADHD, learning disabilities, executive functioning challenges, SEL skill development, autism, depression, and anxiety. We provide invaluable insights into how neuropsychological assessments can pinpoint specific areas of concern, offering a targeted approach to anxiety intervention. Stay connected with us for frequent updates and the latest information to empower your family in navigating the complexities of anxiety.

When curating a list of websites to assist parents in understanding and managing their child’s anxiety, it’s important to select reputable sources that offer a range of perspectives and tools. Below are highly regarded websites that provide valuable information on childhood anxiety:


  1. Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA)

   The ADAA website offers a hub of resources on anxiety and depression, including specific sections on children and adolescents. It provides educational materials, treatment options, and personal stories to help parents understand various anxiety disorders and their impact on youth. The site also connects families with support groups and professional care.


  1. Child Mind Institute

   The Child Mind Institute delivers a wealth of articles and guides focused on children’s mental health, particularly on anxiety and how to address it. The site emphasizes early intervention, evidence-based treatment, and practical tips for parents to support their anxious children both at home and in school settings. Additionally, it includes resources on understanding symptoms and navigating the challenges of various anxiety disorders in children and teens.


  1. KidsHealth from Nemours

   KidsHealth provides reliable, doctor-reviewed advice on children’s health and development, with a section dedicated to emotional health that includes anxiety. The website breaks down complex medical information into easy-to-understand language for parents and children alike. It covers topics ranging from everyday stressors to clinical anxiety, offering strategies for coping and supporting children’s well-being.



   WorryWiseKids is a specialized resource created by clinicians to help children and teens who suffer from anxiety disorders. The site provides insights into the nature of anxiety, tools for managing it, and reassurance for both parents and children that anxiety can be treated successfully. It also offers guidance on when to seek professional help and how to foster resilience in children dealing with anxiety.


  1. American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP)

   The AACAP offers ‘Facts for Families’ guides which are concise resources providing valuable information on a variety of child and adolescent mental health issues, including anxiety. These guides are designed to help parents understand the complexities of anxiety disorders and the importance of professional diagnosis and treatment. The AACAP website also includes videos, Q&A sections, and a child and adolescent psychiatrist finder to help families access expert care.


  1. Psychology Today – “10 Ways to Help Your Anxious Child”

   This Psychology Today article offers ten practical strategies for parents to help alleviate their child’s anxiety, such as maintaining a calm environment and encouraging problem-solving skills. It emphasizes the importance of understanding and responding to anxiety in a supportive way that empowers children to face their fears.


  1. Child Mind Institute – “How to Help Children Manage Fears”

   The Child Mind Institute article provides insights into the nature of children’s fears and practical advice on how parents can help their children confront and manage their anxieties. It discusses the balance between offering comfort and promoting independence in children facing anxiety.


  1. Verywell Family – “Coping Strategies for Kids with Anxiety”

   Verywell Family’s article outlines a variety of coping strategies that children with anxiety can use, such as deep breathing and visualization techniques, to manage their symptoms. The strategies are designed to be simple and effective, enabling children to gain control over their anxiety.


  1. Anxiety Canada – “Helping Your Child Cope with Anxiety”

   Anxiety Canada’s article provides a list of helpful tips and strategies for parents to assist their children in coping with anxiety, including how to approach conversations about fears and the benefits of gradual exposure to anxiety triggers. It underscores the importance of a supportive family environment in the management of childhood anxiety.


  1. Hey Sigmund – “Anxiety in Kids: How to Turn it Around and Protect Them For Life”

   The Hey Sigmund article discusses how anxiety manifests in children and offers strategies for parents to help build their children’s resilience and coping skills. It provides a compassionate perspective on how to support children in developing the strength to face and overcome their anxiety.

Please note that while these articles can be excellent resources, they are not a substitute for professional advice. If your child’s anxiety is severe or persistent, it’s important to seek help from a qualified mental health professional.


Childhood anxiety can present a myriad of challenges for both children and their families, but understanding this complex condition is the first step towards empowerment and healing. At South County Child and Family Consultants, we are dedicated to providing parents with the knowledge and resources to support their children through anxiety’s ups and downs. We invite you to visit our page to delve deeper into the world of childhood anxiety, where you’ll find a wealth of information and guidance. Furthermore, learn about our specialized neuropsychological evaluations, which are instrumental in identifying your child’s unique needs and tailoring interventions that pave the way for their success and well-being. Join us on this journey to transform anxiety from a barrier into an opportunity for growth and resilience.

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