Videos about Autism Spectrum Disorders

By Dr. Randy Kulman on Monday, May 16, 2016
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iPad magic by robynejay, on FlickrWatching a video about a subject is often much more rewarding and educational than reading it. In addition, it can also be more fun! There are lots of videos out there that educate parents and children about Autism Spectrum Disorders, although some videos are better than others. We have collected some of the best videos here. Check out the links below, which are regularly updated by our team at South County Child and Family Consultants. Pay careful attention to which videos are designed for kids, tweens, teens, and adults.

For Kids and Tweens

Guided Imagery: A video that provides relaxing music to provide progressive relaxation for children with Autism and Aspergers. For tweens and teens.

Boy with High Functioning Autism Talks About His Day: A fun video with a dad interviewing his child about autism. For tweens and teens.

Explaining Autism to Children- ASD and Me: An animated video explaining what autism is for children to understand. For kids and tweens.

For Teens

Subtle Signs of Autism: Ages 0-7: A video that follows a young child and informs about subtle signs of autism. For teens and adults.

7 Early Signs of Autism: A video about the early signs of autism. For teens and adults.

BBC- My Autism and Me: A video that explains what autism is from a child’s point of view. For tweens, teens and adults.

Life with Autism: In their own words- A video on how autism affects individuals in their own words.  For teens and adults.

For Adults

Temple Grandin: Answers: A video of Temple Grandin on answering questions about autism. For adults.

Severe Autistic Behaviors: A video that provides an example of what severe autism is. For adults.

The iPad is a Game Changer for Children With Autism: A video that explains how the iPad can be beneficial for children diagnosed with autism. For parents.

Overview of Various Treatments for Autism: Look at this along with a great set of videos from ‘Interacting with Autism’ that show treatment options. For parents.

Autism Mothers- The Final Cut: A great campaign designed to bring mothers of children with Autism together. A highly entertaining and inspirational video for parents of children with Autism.



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Photo Credits: “iPad magic” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  robynejay 

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