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Videos on Cognitive Flexibility for Parents and Kids

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Cognitive Flexibility is a thinking skill that centers on a person’s ability to be adaptable, improvise, and shift approaches to

Minecraft landscape

Resources for Parents on Minecraft

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The way children learn today has changed dramatically over the course of the years. Today, kids often learn best through

how to improve executive functions ebook: response inhibition

E books available for download

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Topics elaborated within these free e-books include:

Seven Creative Ways to Help Your Child Improve Response Inhibition


Pediatrician Resources

How to use these materials

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Many of the pages within this website provide pediatricians and clinicians with free, useful information on childhood psychiatric issues,  evaluations,

Resources for Clinicians and Educators

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These links provide clinicians with free, useful information on childhood psychological issues, supportive strategies and neuro-psychological evaluations. These professionally developed

Pediatrician Resources

Pediatrician Resources

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This directory provides pediatricians with free, useful information on pediatric psychiatric and neuro-psychological issues, including printable articles doctors may give

Resources for Pediatricians

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Downloads, pdf handouts, articles and videos that may be helpful in any pediatric practice. Pediatricians may customize and reproduce branded

Free Downloads

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Our most up-to-date materials can always be found under:
SCCFC also provides professionally designed factsheets on many of the

Factsheets & Patient Handouts by Topic

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Our most up-to-date resources may also be found at  

ADHD: An Introduction

Booklists for Parents

Bibliographies / Booklists

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The following bibliographies feature lists of books for parents and kids on ADHD, ASD, Executive Functions and many other topics


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There are hundreds of articles and online resources available on this site including bibliographies, videos, mental health articles, information about