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Last Updated January 18, 2016

What Does the Verbal Comprehension Index Measure?

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At its core, the verbal comprehension index measures a child’s ability to access his vocabulary, express himself in a meaningful

What Makes Your Child Special Questionnaire

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Here is a model of the questionnaire.
_____  adaptability
_____  affection
_____  assertiveness
_____  cleanliness
_____  compassion/ supportive/kindness

What Makes Your Child Special?

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(During the initial interview with Dr. Randy Kulman you will be asked questions about the difficulties your child is experiencing. 


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The WPPSI-IV is composed of 10 core subtests and 5 additional subtests  for children ages 4 years through 7 years

What do Standard Scores Mean on Test Reports?

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Standard Scores
Standard Scores follow the same principles as scaled scores, but often represent a bigger picture. For example, one

What do Confidence Intervals Mean on a Test Report?

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Confidence Intervals
Finally, the research around standardized testing acknowledges that the scores obtained from a child’s performance may not be

What do T-Scores Mean on Test Reports?

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T Scores are another method of describing a person’s performance, where a T Score of 50 is precisely average

What does an “Average” Test Score Mean?

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What is Average?
Most psychological tests provide scores and/or percentiles to describe your child’s performance compared to a representative sample

How to Understand a Neuropsychological Report

October 28, 2015 - No Comments

Understanding the Numbers, Scores, and Terminology  in Your Child’s Neuropsychological Report

Parents who bring their child to a psychologist

Attention, Concentration, and Inhibition Skills

October 19, 2015 - No Comments

Attention, Concentration, and Inhibition skills are often grouped together because of their strong overlap with one another.  Attention and Concentration

What is Sustained Attention?

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Sustained attention refers to the ability to focus on one or more items for a necessary duration of time

What do Scale Scores Mean in a Test Report?

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Scaled Scores
Most psychological tests base performance off of scaled scores and standard scores.  Often, scaled scores are reported if